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Ghoul2783d ago

be fast its soon gone :(

Spitfire_Riggz2783d ago

Who disagreed? Show yourself! They are using the same engine from COD4, have released the same game and you think it will be better??? SHOW YOURSELF

OneSneakyMofo2783d ago

I watched the video, and I...

♫ jizzed in my pants. ♫

captain-obvious2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )


MGS reference
even that mouse running across
maaaaaaaaaaaan this brings back memories
brought a tear to my eye

this game is THE most anticipated game for me right now
cant wait to get it

TripleAAARating2783d ago

seriously the gameplay reminds me of the Killzone 2005 trailer. WOW... animations are so butter smooth, not a hint of a twitch, this really is something special.

Kevin ButIer2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Oh oh oh, after seeing this im totally convinced, BF3 best shooter of this gen, i loved KZ but this is going to be epic, I mean just imagine the multiplayer... I still play BFBC2 multiplayer like a freaking addict.

Darkfocus2782d ago

can't wait for this game.

irepbtown2782d ago

Bringing old features back like Jets.

No word can describe this, it's that good.

deafwing2782d ago


Redman222782d ago

I am going to play the shit out of this game when it comes out.

RedSky2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

It's a prettier version of every other linear military styled FPS you've ever played. Goes something like this:

- Listen to nonsensical objectives full of over the top military bravado.

- Follow the corridor.

- Shoot some people along the way.

- Press action on this thing here.

- Shoot some more.

- Man that auto gun over there.

- Quick time event!

I can't believe everyone's still falling head over heels for this generic tosh.

RedSky2782d ago

Oh and by the way, I'm totally going to presume anyone who silently disagrees is in denial.

irepbtown2782d ago


Go play Battlefield 2.

That will prove why this game isn't just 'In corridor shoot some people'.

RedSky2781d ago


I'm talking about the single player gameplay.

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BattleAxe2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

This the most realistic looking game I've ever seen. This even blows the first Crysis out of the water. I really hope that DICE spends some time making the console versions look as good as humanly possible. Otherwise this is freakin mind blowing.

Pacman3212783d ago

Ye i was just wondering if the console versions would look anywhere near as good as this.
Hopefully they are.

FishCake9T42783d ago

Check the jets at the end. MIND BLOWN.

2783d ago
amilimos2783d ago

I would sell all my clothes,my toothbrush,my bed,my cat ... you get the point, just to play this. b3sT GrAfiX eV3RRRRRR imo (i'm a serious killzone fan)

Maddens Raiders2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

but KILLZONE 2 & 3 *still look better. + you can tell they're impressed by the KZE3 '05 trailer by watching above.


AKA2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

im a huge KILLZONE fan and its very clear to me that B3 looks better and its use better tech in most part.
if you mean it looks better then this leak chip video yes since you cant see the real quality or if you mean you like more the art in KILLZONE thats up to you. '' i like more the art in KILLZONE too''

but its very clear that DICE are inspired by GG immersive gameplay of KILLZONE and are bringing that level of immertion on a multiplat game.

Now pc haters & ''maybe'' xbox haters that avoid KILLZONE will get a test of how immersive a fps could be.

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PS-_-GAMER2783d ago

Omg Need A PC. This Look Better than Anything Out there.
Ya Saw that Part When The Guy Shoots and Smoke Comes Out. Omg, Jaw Dropping!!!!!.
And When The Bulding Came Down it Look So Realistic.

C L O U D2783d ago

The big mouse!

The Fighter Jets!


Redman222783d ago

OMG did you see the fur on that rat? It was so real!! Day 1 just because of the rat.

M4I0N32783d ago

hahahaha man, ur comment made my day :P.

But yeah dude, that rat was insane! They shud make a spinoff series for that rat.


Redman222783d ago



a game of solider rats would be badass. haha

M4I0N32782d ago

hahaha, that would be awesome, i'd probably pay to play that haha lol

BattleAxe2783d ago

"The big mouse!".....or Rat as they say.

TheMrMadzen2783d ago

Are you fucking kidding me??
1 word: EPIC!

Pandamobile2783d ago

Dat particle lighting. Holy shit.

Sarcasm2783d ago

Dat building falling down on a heli. Holy shit.

Undeadwolfy2783d ago

Dat mouse running across in the vent, MGS reference! Holy shit!

ATiElite2782d ago

Wow did you see all the particle effects and the physics of debris when the ground broke up...Holy shit.

It one thing to have real time physics based volumetric smoke but DICE tosses in particle lighting as a way to say hey our johnson is bigger!

awesome job DICE.