Sony Financial IPO raises £1.35 billion

Shares for Sony Corporation's subsidiary, Sony Financial Holdings Inc, went on sale in Japan today, with a total of 800,000 shares traded at a price of JPY 400,000 (GBP 1692, USD 3462) each.

That's the top line in a possible range, the lowest price of which was JPY 380,000 (GBP 1608, USD 3289) each, demonstrating demand for what was on its announcement initially received with limited interest

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wil4hire4039d ago

This may be the first time where a price drop didn't matter to a company.

Saint Sony4039d ago

er.. Sony is so much more than PS3. This is not about PS3 alone.

Vojkan4039d ago


O please, people like you think that it is all about PS3, forgetting that Sony is also and mainly about so many other gadgets. So for the love of God stop talking about moronic stories a.k.a "Price cut omg we are going to die"

nanometric4039d ago

But seriously, sony make like a gazillion other things!