Why All The Call Of Duty Hate?

Kotaku: Sure, people don't like Kotick and his DLC antics. Sure, the games been running on the same engine since CoD 4.

However, there is a reason for the game that sells millions upon millions of copies every year; Its core formula is the most solid, perhaps out of any first person shooter out there.

Let me preface this by saying I love all shooters. I play the hell out of Call of Duty, play the hell out of Battlefield. There are a bunch of reasons that I do go back to the CoD series every year but perhaps the most important of them all.

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-Mezzo-3652d ago

Call of Duy 4, was & is a marvel. everything after that is just Crap.

zootang3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Because it's the same game every year and it get's a pass for not improving just because it sells well.

Mezzo has it right.

StanLee3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

That's bullshit and you know it. The basic formula of the Call of Duty franchise hasn't changed since Call of Duty 4 and that's not a bad thing. The franchise has iterated rather than make drastic changes to what is a winning formula and has grown its base. Regardless of how many may feel about the annualization of the franchise, Call of Duty is still a great franchise. There is still no other competitive multiplayer game that gives you the level of customization Call of Duty does. It truly gives you the tools to play the way you want to which is why it is so accessible to the casual gamer. Say what you will but I prefer Call of Duty's perks base system to a more traditional class base structure of a BFBC2 or Killzone 3. While you can customize within a particular class, it's still limiting. Call of Duty does as much as it can to give you the flexibility to play the way you want to while trying to still maintain balance. That's difficult. Call of Duty remains widely popular and it doesn't target the core any less than COD4 did. 2 million gamers were logged in this weekend at peak periods on XBL.

TheLastGuardian3652d ago

Because it outsells every other game each year no matter what even though it's one of the least innovative and worst games of the year.

ezcex3652d ago


If the formula is the same and every reiteration has basically the same perks, why do they need to make one every year and why do idiots keep buying the same game? Simple, because the masses are a bunch of dumb morons who don't know what to play other than from what the television is telling them what to play.

ShadowJetX3652d ago

@ StanLee

MGO offers tons more customization, all cod does is give you the ability to preset what guns you get + perks. All the other things don't matter. Plus it requires much more skill and most people don't use the auto aim. Where as in...

BattleAxe3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

My hate came to CoD because Black Ops was poorly done on the PS3, and I didn't like the single player campaign or the multiplayer maps all that much. I loved CoD4, WaW(which is why I had hope for Black ops) and MW2.

AusWarrior3652d ago

People only complain the rest are crap because none of them are like CoD4, they can't handle something different.

StanLatMarveldotCom3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

@ ezcex

Would Call of Duty 4 still be successful if Infinity Ward had released perk, map and gun packs over a 3 year period while taking their time in making Modern Warfare 2? Of course but the Call of Duty brand would not have grown as it has. To be honest, the majority are happy with new guns and maps each year which is why they buy annual iterations but the studios responsible for the franchise have tried to give consumers more bang for their buck. They've tried to balance the game and give more customization as the community has given its input; they added to what's offered in the total package with Zombies and Spec Ops being great additions; and they've iterated on the engine while giving gamers a fluid, 60 fps experience on consoles. And please don't talk about the masses being sheep. Call of Duty 4 and World at War continue to be in the top 20 of most played games on both consoles years after release. The community for the games are still tens of thousands strong so there is longevity and sustainability. I played Unreal on PC for years and still played UT2004 up until I joined Call of Duty console community and why, because so many of my friend were playing and enjoying the game and so did I. The more people playing, the more they'll encourage others to play, that's natural but to maintain a community as Call of Duty has, there is something to the formula. The haters, whiners and complainers on the internet, they're the minority and I'm not talking about PS3 and PC gamers who have real serious concerns about the stability of the game on their platforms.

Redman223652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

"Its core formula is the most solid, perhaps out of any first person shooter out there."

nah it's pure fanboy hype and youtube 360 no-scope videos this game is dead. the gameplay is lame and the maps are fucking horrible the worst in the industry. I feel bad for Treyarch but hey...

Battlefield 3 pawns the shit out of the COD franchise.

Elimin83652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Uhhh! It's stale milk?

Redman223651d ago

no dedicated servers, same old yearly bullshit over and over again. why not take break and work on the story and gameplay.

I'm done until they produce some quality shit.

teething3651d ago

Because nothing is any good if other people like it.

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LOGICWINS3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

"It's a game for noobs" All of us were noobs at shooters at some point. And in case you've forgetten...the majority of gamers out there AREN'T hardcore gamers that are willing to spend the time and dedication to learn the ins and outs of a Battlefield 3 or Killzone 3.

Granted, I prefer Battlefield..but I have lots of fun playing split-screen deathmatch with COD4(MW2 and Black Ops is ridiculous. WAAAAY too many uneccessary customiztion options. COD4 was nice and simple)

rdgneoz33652d ago

"majority of gamers out there AREN'T hardcore gamers that are willing to spend the time and dedication to learn the ins and outs of a Battlefield 3 or Killzone 3"

BF3 isn't out yet, but KZ3 isn't hard at all. Just requires teamwork, skill, and a little intelligence to know you're not a 1 man army or to not just run around getting kills when you're suppose to be defending something on the other side of the map.

MysticStrummer3652d ago

@rdgneoz3 - The required teamwork thing is a problem for many I think. My two little brothers want to be able to win the whole match by themselves. CoD allows them to do that. I can't stand how mindless it is myself. I feel like I've been playing that type of game since Doom.

snipes1013651d ago


I played KZ3 like a total one man army and dominated in my first few matches. To me, KZ3 is actually faster than COD. That's not a bad thing, I had a lot of fun, just saying.

MY opinion on COD? I'm with Logic on this one the simplicity of throwing on some split screen or bringing some guests on line bring me back to the Goldeneye days where me and my friends could gather around a screen and just shoot shit. I do, however, prefer Battlefield's more tactical gameplay. I just wish it had 1) some split screen 2) a little more customization and 3) on line guests.

-Alpha3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

While the game is tuned more casually than that of COD4 (which is by far my favorite FPS game this gen), the series is still fun to play (at least on the 360 for the most part, PS3 and PC had issues with BO)

Newcomers jump in and have fun, and that's what's most important for people who don't always play to play so seriously.

It's a more easier game to pick up, but that doesn't necessarily make it "a game for noobs" It's simply a game that most FPS newcomers are exposed to.

My problem with COD is that they do very little to make any major changes and yearly releases kill the quality. Seems unjust that some devs work so hard to make a quality game but the majority play a game that is has to be rehashed yearly to maintain its dominance. But that's how it works

A bigger issue is the fact that COD's gameplay/mechanics infects other shooters. Developers sacrifice original mechanics they may use for more mainstreams ideas COD has. Everybody is obsessed with killing COD, and some people try to be COD to beat it. And that's what a lot of others do not like. COD is like a cookie-cutter model for success devs try to imitate. But I'd rather blame developers than COD if they try to do that.

NukaCola3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

No one in COD wants to work as a team, and that kills me. 90% of people who play Domination just hide and shoot people taking flags just to gain points, instead of capturing any themselves. Self gratification. Its ruins the experience and makes the game frustrating. Plus the LLLLLLLAAAAAAAAGGGGGG!!!!!

-Alpha3652d ago

I work as a team. Play with your friends and teamwork is abundant.

The best bet to find teamwork is in Team Tactical games.

I find that people do work towards objective in COD. But there are definitely KDR whores in objective games.

If they get rid of killstreak importance for objective games and give point streaks things would get better. But the game is structured in a way that killstreaks swing momentum for objective modes, so one can argue they are working for the team when they support teammates via killstreaks.

COD thankfully has options like no killstreak/perk playlists where more team-oriented players tend to play.

SuicideShaun3651d ago

That is true about it infecting other devs... But we have no one to blame but those devs. I mean kz3 is like cod. Crysis2 has killcam and killstreaks. I hate this crap.

snipes1013651d ago

I think people should maybe check out barebones pure gametype on blackops. No perks, killstreaks, equipment or contracts. Just guys with guns. That is where I've seen the most salient examples of tactical gameplay.

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ChristianGamer3652d ago

Hating what is popular = cool.
Most people here probably haven't played Black Ops but hate it because it seems trendy to do so. Then you'll have your elitist wannabe that will claim it is for noobs.
The hypocrisy in it all is that the same people will take your head off if you say Killzone or Bf or halo isn't fun. They'll say fun is subjective and sound all mature and stuff. Where is all that great logic and reasoning when they are spouting off about how CoD is not fun?

Takoulya3652d ago

I have Black Ops and I regret it dearly. I can list of quite a few reasons why I hate it, but here are a few:

Laggy P2P - The host is always the one who has the advantage and does the best at the end.

Unbalanced guns - The guns in Black Ops usually have enough kick to them, but some guns such as the Commando and Ak74u don't at all, making them extremely easy to use.

Lack of teamwork - Changing spawns in most game modes make it a frag fest rather than the "Warfare" aspect that IW and Treyarch love to throw around. Also, there is barely any reason to stick with friends since someone can easily just spray their Ak74u with extended mags and their host advantage and easily take you out.

Too much "one-man army" - The whole franchise tells you to go ahead, rush and take everybody out. Their is no reason to co-operate at all.

Horrible spawns - The reason I don't play FFA at all is that whenever I'm on a nice streak, a guy spawns directly behind me about 10 metres away. That's something that cannot be taken care of at all.

All in all, Cod 4 was a good game, but too arcadey for me. The rest are just garbage. Some people may like it, but Battlefield and KZ, games that give real emphasis on teamwork and tactics, are the true FPS kings for me. It's the same with MAG. It was innovative and had great emphasis on realistic (not really, but much more than other games) squad-based battles with importance to teamwork.

FunkMcnasty3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Exactly.. It's all just a trend. Everyone hates COD because it's the cool thing to do... That's probably why it sells a gazillion copies every year..

vickers5003651d ago

Teamwork based FPS games can suck it. I just want to play my game the way I want to play it, I didn't buy it to help other people have fun playing it, I bought it so "I" could have fun. That's one of the big reasons I didn't buy MAG, is because I don't want to have to listen to some elitist douchebag shouting orders into my ear, and actually be expected to follow them. Like I said, I'll play the game like I want, I don't need somebody telling me how to play my own damn game.

Teamwork in games can be fun sometimes, but not if it's required all the time.

FunkMcnasty3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

@ Da Threats

And what exactly is a "noob to you??"

I own a 360 and a ps3 and enjoy all types of games from FPS's to racing (both arcade and sim racers), to RPG's, 3rd person action/adventure, survival horror, platformers, and sports games. Ive been gaming since I was 8 and I had my first Atari 2600 (I'm 31 now). So I must be a "noob" for playing COD right??

I love the COD series. Yea I know its the same thing every year, but i still love it. Immature haters like you will do nothing to sway my decision to play COD, or buy the next COD. Call me a troll, call me a noob, call me what you will... but when MW3 hits, I might actually buy two copies just to piss of all of you high and mighty gamers.

cyborg69713652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I have had all of the cod's, and the one and only reason I get them is because all of my friends play it and I want to play with them. Does that make me a noob? No it doesn't. It means I have friends unlike many of the dbags on this site.

I also play kz2 and 3 bad co uncharted and try to get my friends into those games as well. So I guess I'm a noob. But whatever floats your boat.

Christian gamer there is no god.

Gamer_Z3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I agree most of the people who play COD are casuals so COD is more tuned to that style of play and sure it’s not what the hardcore wanted myself including, I wanted a true COD4 sequel but it never happened and that’s ok COD games are still fun less tactical and a little more buggy but still fun. I just picked up MW2 from GameStop and I’m having a blast playing it again and I’m not worried about the next COD if it’s more of the same then I just won’t pick it up because truth is all CODs are basically the same game and I already have MW2 so i don’t really need to perches another COD. To me it’s like madden now I’ll buy a new one every 2-3 years because it’s the same game and there are no real improvements from my version just slight tweaks here and there and a updated roster, it’s the same thing in COD games. Idk people seem to think it’s mandatory like they will get in trouble or something if they don’t buy it, trust me it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t pick up the next COD.

Clarence3651d ago

I agree. The game is cheaply made. They have done nothing new with the game, yet it recieves high marks for a cliché storyline and unbalanced online gameplay. I enjoyed MW1 after that its complete garbage.

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2fk3652d ago

well because everybody states that it is basically the same game every year...and the map packs are over priced

NYC_Gamer3652d ago

i dont hate call of duty its just not my type of game

Takoulya3652d ago

I hate Call of Duty and it's not my type of game. I just find that it's degenerating modern FPS's since Devs looking for sales have to make it easy for CoD players.

Agent-863652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

@NYC_Gamer, I agree. COD is not my type game; I'm more of a Battlefield player. I don't hate COD, but I don't like how so many shooters try to copy it since its the most popular game on the planet. FPS's need to find their own identities and stick to them. Battlefield, Killzone, Halo, and, recently, Bulletstorm all manage to have their own style and earn my respect. The COD clones do not.

gorebago3651d ago

i've been playing alot of the f.e.a.r. games lately and they're nothing like cod. almost nostalgic.

Inside_out3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

It's just the ignorant fanboys whining, not the gamers who have made COD the biggest franchise this gen. The loudest noise is coming from the PS3 kids, who are the minority as COD: Black ops has become the highest selling game on that system outselling all the KZ, Uncharted, Resistances, Infamous...combined. They are really upset...nobody cares tho.

COD: MW3 this holiday will outsell ALL the exclusives combined on PS3. Gears general sells around 6+ million alone on 360 so I expect it will sell alot since the last game came out in 2008 and should outsell COD on 360 tho not over exclusive will top COD.

LOGICWINS3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

"The loudest noise is coming from the PS3 kids, who are the minority as COD: Black ops has become the highest selling game on that system outselling all the KZ, Uncharted, Resistances, Infamous...combined. They are really upset...nobody cares tho.

Well said. And they can't use the "it gets advertised ALOT" excuse because COD games have been marketed as if they were 360 exclusives for the past 2 years.

Whats even more stupid is that they call everyone who willingly chooses to play COD a "sheep or a moron". THATS not fair. I could make the same stupid argument that everyone who chooses to play Killzone 3 over Black Ops is a PS3 fanboy who is a sheep because he/she is desperate to be different from the crowd. Is that fair for me to make that assumption of ALL Killzone 3 players?

If you disrespect people who enjoy Black Ops...don't expect them to respect your love for Killzone.

@trounbyfire- Speak ur mind..say what you have to say. What about my comment do you disagree with?

trounbyfire3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

i was going to insult you but thats a personal attack so i'll say I disagree strongly

just because you hate something doesn't mean your a fanboy it means you just like everyone else human

LOGICWINS3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

"just because you hate something doesn't mean your a fanboy it means you just like everyone else human'

YES! YES! Thats the point I was trying to make!

Saying that everyone who enjoys Killzone 3 is a fanboy is JUST as stupid as saying that everyone who plays COD is a moron.

The question is: Why is the latter assumption more acceptable on N4G than the prior assumption?

rdgneoz33652d ago

So, hating on a multiplat game because they extort you on DLC all the time and use the same engine because its "too hard" / "too many resources" when other developers do it and push their games, means they're a PS3 fanboy who only plays KZ? Maybe they prefer BF which is using a new engine that just looks insane on PCs and hopefully looks equally good on consoles.

jimbone793652d ago

@ rdgneoz3
LOL, I guess their conversaion went way over your head.

Clarence3651d ago

Man please. There is nothing desperate about wanting to play something different than MW or COD. KZ3 a better game all around. Activision is all about the money. Which is why they keep bring out the same games instead of taking time to make something good. The last time I checked Halo Reach was also outsold by Black Ops as well as Gears 2. So I guess its not just the PS3 crowd but also 360 crowd who enjoy playing better polished games than COD.

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suleproductions3652d ago


I never knew 'Gears' was 6 million players online ( 3mill vs 3mill), i always thought it was 5 VS 5

Kran3652d ago

Because CoD is the same game over and over, but with a few tweaks that don't make a difference.