Mortal Kombat Challenge Tower Detailed

TitanReviews writes: Mortal Kombat won't limit your fun to its devastating fatalities. Prepare to take on the Challenge Tower, 300 levels of action that ranges from grueling to hilarious. Senior Designer Mike Birkhead lays it out for fans.

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elpresador2972d ago

SOrry to say but this was out like yesterday!

jophus2972d ago

I really love MK and the way this one is shaping up, but I just canceled my TE reservation and went with the standard. I thought WB's sell out tactics to Sony were awful.

Tony-Red-Grave2972d ago

there should be alot more comments for this that aside let the guessing of whats at the topof the challange tower begin.

itd be effin halarious if i find noob saibot at the top or kratos if they did that i dont think id stop loling "FEEL THE POWER OF TOASTY"

CrimsonEngage2972d ago

Can't wait to try "test your might" again. Been years and i could NEVER do it... :(

Perhaps this time i will! lol

2972d ago
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