LEAKED: Unreal 3 Demo Footage from GDC

Someone managed to sneak a camera into the closed-door event for Epic's next-gen Unreal 3 demo.


This is YouTube footage: you won't have to register and download anything to see it.

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Prcko2970d ago

if i want graphics i gonna grab popcorn and go to cinema!
Start making better story and fun gameplay,not uberlazerawesomnes graphic -,-

Kingdom Come2970d ago

Aren't you the guy who up until it's release wouldn't stop crying about your anticipation of Killzone 3?

aviator1892970d ago

Lol, you got Prcko there.

osamaq2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

amazing !!!
I hope games will reach this quality of realism finally..

its like a ps4 game...

Next gen consoles are in the next door ...I think

what GPU this is running on, anybody knows ?
I heard its a GTX 580..

bluwulf2970d ago

Epic never delivers on its tech demo's vs games.

deadpoole2970d ago

Bluwulf & Big_Dom ... both of u are stating something not backed up by reference. So both of ur argument will be considered null/void till any of u is able to provide any.

BakedGoods2970d ago

...Gears of War looked mighty close to their original Unreal tech demo.

Raendom2970d ago

Why did epic not want to show this to the whole world? It looks amazing. That universe actually looks like one I would want to explore in a game too.

evrfighter2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I'm gonna agree with you there. Looks good and the city seems to have quite a backstory.

This is a new engine btw. Not Unreal 3.

deadpoole2970d ago

Unreal Engine 3.999998.

joydestroy2970d ago

i KNOW! it looks pretty sick imo

xtremexx2970d ago

Too, Epic For My EYES!!!!!!

Sonyslave32970d ago

This better be a game for next gen.

BluePumpkin72970d ago

nah it's too generic
leave it at being just a tech demo

batman2million2970d ago

it looks good. still, depends on the content but then again that's up to the developers, not epic.

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The story is too old to be commented.