The New PlayStation 3: CECHG01 Model - A Few Unforementioned Details

Anyone who's seen SponG's report about the new PS3 model should already have been expecting all of this.

But after reading the report a few days ago, Rumor Reporter Bruce has more details to report on the new PlayStation 3, as he has obtained an un-edited copy of the initial FCC report. Here are the things to note that's not in the previous reports on this topic:

1.) The new PS3 model uses less power than the other models. This one uses 3A (Power Measurement), while the older version use 3.3A and 3.2A respectively.

2.) The new PS3 will include a brand-new controller, most likely the recently announced Dual-Shock 3 (this is proven in the document)

3.) The new PS3's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hardware has seen a significant upgrade, possibly allowing for longer distances and even faster connections.

4.) He has heard dripplings of a 65nm chipset coming soon. Could this model be the very first in the line of quieter, less-power consuming PS3 models?

All of the images have been attached below. But let's get to the point. Will there be a 40GB PS3 for $399? Maybe. Will there be a new PS3 announced in the next two weeks? Count on it.

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Omegasyde4037d ago

what about other features?

Backward compatibility?

Media Card inputs all still there?

SpiderMan 3 on Blu-ray? ;)

If sony is losing money with every ps3 sold...

"something else has to give" .

secret4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

The line has been drawn. Everything to the left is the xbox360 and muliports developed with the xbox360 in mind. Everything to the right is the PS3 from now on...Look at this link, please.

If your xbox360 lemon is overheating and blowing smoke under the hood and is slow and blocking traffic graphically on the FREEWAY, I suggest you get out of the fast lane and join the Nintendo Wii in the slow lane or the middle lane.

PS3 black Lamborghinnis will blast through the fast lane at 800mph to 900mph, but your hunk of junk 60mph lemon is blocking the way and slowing everyone down, causing a major traffic jam.

We're all late for work now and honking at you, even the Wii owners because of the massive traffic jam, so get your 60mph-70mph maximum speed hunk of junk off the freeway and get onto the middle or slow lane with the Nintendo Wii.

PS3's got work to do. Stay where you belong and stop acting like your hunk of junk is a badass, because it's not.

One example of this generations traffic jam caused by xbox360 is GRAW2. Look at how short that game is due to the enhanced graphical features that the developers tried to incorporate with the xbox360 limitations in mind, trying to work "around" the consoles limitations. Look at the mediocre to slightly above average graphics and animation on that game. Developers want to make these multiport games with the xbox360's limitations in mind because the xbox has a potentially larger consumer base of gullible gamers easily fooled with smoke & mirrors (Microsoft knows that their consoles are defective but are still shipping them out today -- because they love you and your family...abra ca dabra, hokus pokus).

Because of this, I have to play GRAW2 with graphics and gameplay lengths not like Resistance or Motostorm or Grand Turismo 5, but with the handicap of the xboxw360 insisting on blocking everyone who didn't wake up 5:00 AM in the morning to get to the freeway first. Hunk of junk. Get off the freeway...!!! You're slowing everyone down this generation...!!!

Another example is Ninja Gaiden 2. It could've had Killzone 2 or Heavenly Sword graphics and audio and lengthy Resistance gameplay. EGM will hype the graphics to help keep its favored console alive, but Ninja Gaiden 2 is the third, fourth generation title made by the 10 to 20 year xbox experienced war veteran Itagaki himself with full resources and looks no better than a first gen title Ninja Gaiden Sigma made by inexperienced kids with limited resources who's working on the Playstation 3 for the first time. And Sigma is a remake PORT, even. ALL GAMERS suffer from mediocre graphics because Microsoft inisists that the game goes on xbox360. Why even bother porting this game to the PS3 even if it will look identical to the xbox360 version. NG2 is still running only 60mph because of the xbox360 limitations? It will never look like anything from Sony first party developers or Insomniac.

MGS4 should been a fantastic game graphically. But now Microsft is trying to get it to go multiport. Oh brother. Everyone, thank Microsoft for lowering graphical standards again by demanding that the game should run on the slow ass 60mph - 70mph car. Now everyone has to slow down for the xbox360 ---> AGAIN.

This generation's graphics is being capped off by Microsoft. Look at Halo 3, Ninja Gaiden 2, and Mass Effect. Capped off there as long as developers want to continue to dine / devour the tasty and gullible xbox fanbase. Only Sony's first party and Insomniac can show a glimpse of what this generation is all about. They're barely revving up their engines...barely warming up...and you can already sense the power under the hood...

The xbox360 and its games are supported and sustained by oxygen machines and automatic intravenous food machines in the hospital. These life sustaining machines in the business world are called ---> HYPE AND FAKE REVIEWS AND BRIBES. (HALO 3 and PRG4 perfect 10 in graphics LOL ---> LOL ---> LOL ---->>>>> LOL ----->>>>>>& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; gt;>> LOL LOL)

I have eyes, too.

Any console or game that survives by these life sustaining machines has got to be in trouble. Would a healthy and active console or game require phoney-rigged-fake reviews, hype, and bribes? HOT AIR AND SELF-STEAM.

Disagree? Report me to get me banned again?

By the way, shine a light on Gears of War and Bioshock and all other DARK AND GRITTY first shooters on the the xbox360, and you'll see Halo 3. Turn off the light, and you'll see Gears and Bioshock again. Ugly girls want to turn the lights off and they put on lots and lots of makeup. Good looking girls wouldn't mind you seeing them in broad daylight or without makeup.

Oh yeah, my PS3 with a personal computer version of Halo or Gears or Bioshock (I won't buy it on my PC though) is also an xbox360. Go figure. At about the same price as the the xbox360, I got a PS3, PS2, PS1, PSN, SACD player, linux computer, excellent DVD player, excellent Bluray player, and now I just learned that it comes with a free XBOX360, too.

But without the red ring of death or the internet fees.

The PS3 really does everything. Heck, maybe it's a free Wii too someday.

Since the xbox360 won't raise its price to match the PS3's price point, the PS3 will bring the fight to the xbox360 and settle this once and for all by lowering its own price tag to $399. Get Ready, xbox360. HYPE and self-steam will sustain your life for only so long. Prepare to rumble for your life.

Odion4037d ago


your telling me the system that is going to cost 100 dollars less is going to have

1. A controller that doesn't come out till next year
2. Better Wifi, and blue tooth
3. AND a new chip!

ya ok

mentalboy114037d ago

seems more like updated hardware rather than extra hardware when comparing the 40 to 80. like the new PSP2K, the only thing thats really new is the video output, everything else was mostly an upgrade/downgrade.

Omegasyde4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

..don't forget it comes pre-loaded with Final Fantasy VII....

(I might as well as add on to the rumor)

Kleptic4037d ago

Odion...65nm chips are cheaper to manufacture (just harder to tool for manufacturing wise)...producing PS3's with 65nm chips will cost Sony less than the current size...Just like the 360 "falcon" or w/e you people call it...

its not an upgrade that would cost consumers more...

FF7numba14037d ago

it would sell if it was true. and it would make the haze commercial true.

SmokeyMcBear4037d ago

i guess you are used to microsoft's way of doing business.. you know, there are other companies that actually give you more for less.. you know, the way sony offered the 60GB for the same price as the old 20GB, then offered the 80 GB with a game for the same price as the 60GB.. prices don't always have to go up

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SonySoldiers4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

This kind of news are needed to overshadow the XCOW momentum. Yes the 65nm models are up and it draw less power!

Buy it for holidays shopping! The more the merrier. :)

Let's finish the XCOW 360 a cowboys technology that breaks.

Cartesian3D4037d ago

it will be stupid for putting a 40 GB HDD in it... because 40GB HDD 's production costs is exactly same as 60 and 80 now days.. may be 1 or 2 bucks difference..

so they must be stupid for not using bigger storage for same price..

I think they will cut 60GB and 80 GB price to 399 and 499.. and then sell this one with motorstorm or sth else in 599..

may be 120 or 160 GB HDD ,65 nm chips.. Dual shock 3 and a game for 599 would be amazing deal..

and 80 GB for 499 with 2 games ... is amazing too ..

just remember Kaz hirai Words.. they wont cut prices to 399 .. they will make starter packs with more stuff in same price..

whitesky4037d ago

wow everyone is entitled to your own opinions and speculations but you are as far out there as you can get. It has already been confirmed to have a 40 Gb HDD and also many sources mention it has no backward compatibility and only 2 USB ports, along with none of the fancy variety of memory card slots and etc. SO - You lose HDD space, peripheral variety, and USB's, for paying less, but as with all new hardware..lower or higher price it doesnt matter..its gonna have upgraded components as they are always getting better as time goes on. Idc if sony released a $99.99 PS3-Junior in a year it would still have better upgraded components cuz that is where the technology is at that time, simply

cheatmaster284037d ago

If this doent get to the top 3 im declraing this place xbot controlled!

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