Is There A Point In Game Reviews Anymore?

Reviews are of high importance in the gaming industry, they are created so that gamers know what the website think about the game and whether you should buy it or not, but are they still relevant?

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trounbyfire2784d ago

no other industry emphasises reviews more than gaming. don't know why but the sites have to much power for my taste.

xtremexx2784d ago

there is only one site that i think has too much power (IGN) who do you think?

trounbyfire2784d ago

sorry i listen tyo beyond but i go to gametrailers for reviews. I never trusted IGn.

they way they explain a review is i liked this , i didn't like that i gave it blank.

at gametrailers you have to explain on IW why you like it why you didn't like it. get grilled on everything and to me that a lot more honest then saying i didn't like the story is was boring. TELL US WHy was it the plot the character gameplay

gypsygib2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I don't think IGN or other sites are getting paid off, but I do think they are biased whether the reviewers are cognizant of it or not.

The US consumers and reviewers absolutely love the 360. I don't know why, maybe it's all of the MS marketing or PS3s really bad first impression that they can't fully get over but it's clearly ingrained in them. I got my 360 first but think my PS3 is the better gaming system due to well, the games and the equal but free online gaming.

Reviewers whether intentional or not are far kinder with 360/popular multiplat reviews and much harsher with PS3s.

IGNs problem is just that there's so much inconsistency with their reasons for deducting points and how much they deduct which largely seems one sided against PS3. They scrutinize every minor PS3 game fault and ignore or forgive as minor 360 and popular multiplat game's faults.

The best example if BFBC2 which I think has among the best MP out there but the SP in BFBC2 2 is horrible but IGN described it as:

"While the last Bad Company game couldn't hold my attention, this one kept me interested and having fun from start to finish."

There's no way K3 SP could be any worse than BFBC2s. IGN needs a 3-4 person review team to improve consistency/credibility. I don't really care what they rate anymore.

xtremexx2784d ago

thanks, i was looking for examples, and god points