Joystiq - Hybrid preview: A new breed

After getting turned around in the rain on the way to check out Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell's first XBLA game, Hybrid, I wandered into the initial presentation a few minutes late. And so, I missed creative director Jeremiah Slackza explain what sets Hybrid apart from other third-person shooters -- which is nearly everything.

Ten minutes later I had my hands on an Xbox 360 controller and understood why Slackza looked at me like my head was on backwards when I asked what makes the game different from other XBLA shooters. For starters, player movement is mapped to buttons -- a crucial aspect of Hybrid's bizarre, yet shockingly accessible controls -- leaving the right analog stick free to adjust the camera.

Slackza and his team at 5th Cell mitigated the "circle-strafing with shotguns" play-style of most online shooters by making movement more deliberate. The result is a game that plays like real-time, sped up, 3-on-3 Valkyria Chronicles. Which, to be clear, means it's a lot o...

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