G4TV: SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs Preview

No doubt, SOCOM 4 is a hardcore game for hardcore gamers, but there have been some concession made for more novice war-gamers, including enhanced matchmaking, to make it more likely that noobs fight other noobs, and the helpful XP system I mentioned above that will guide you toward pointing your guns in the right direction at the right time.

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ChozenWoan2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Edit: sorry wrong article.

BabyTownFrolics2837d ago

so many shooters:

kz3, homefront, crysis 2,

on top of:

MAG, CODblops

I dont know if I can find time for SOCOM

though it may be hard to resist once it releases

I gotta go sell some games to amazon and free up some cash

rdgneoz32837d ago

The games you mentioned are FPS, Socom is TPS.

BabyTownFrolics2837d ago

In all those games you shoot guns that's why I said shooters not fps. I would love to play Socom I was saying there are so many games to play that I would need to find the time and money to play them all. Can't say anything about a ps3 game without getting disagreed to hell even something positive. I hate this site sometimes.

ugabugaz2837d ago

I think this might be my first SOCOM. That is, unless I like another FPS more. We'll see come the beta.

ugabugaz2837d ago

I'm aware. I wasn't thinking properly at the time.

icewater852837d ago

I cannot wait, socom has been my favorite third person shooter until uncharted came along.

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