DICE: 'We should have released bigger content earlier for Bad Company 2'

Battlefield 3's executive producer Patrick Bach has admitted that DICE "should have released more, bigger content earlier" for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, adding that the team has "a lot of really interesting plans" to keep Battlefield 3 players interested.

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Philoctetes2786d ago

The problem with Bad Company 2 was that too many maps were only playable in one game mode. Rather than release new maps, they just gave us the same, recycled maps, only with a new game mode unlocked that should have been available at launch.

BlackTar1872786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

My problem with BC1 & BC2 was the stupid 4 person groups . I have a whole clan that would like to play in at least groups of 8 but nope. So in the end my clan ended up not buing it because of that reason.


Nope you can only talk to your 4 person squad which was a awful idea. If your only a 2 person squad well that's all you could talk to.

the problem is you go to there website and you got the loner who are liek i like it that way keep it. Like man you can still have a 4 person squad if you ant but dont limit it for other people PLEASe

plb2786d ago

Is there no way to talk to the whole team on console? There is team and squad chat for PC.

BeaArthur2786d ago

It's called party chat. that's what me and my friends do.

BlackTar1872786d ago

Im playing BC on ps3. So no party chat and then how do you coordinate to get all 8+ people into the same room on the same side?

and even if you can and you probably can then its still falls into something that should be in the game and accessible without any work around.

Party chat is great but is not an excuse for them to leave it out esp. since only 1 system has it on consoles.

BattleAxe2785d ago

At least DICE is listening to peoples complaints. For Battlefield3, I'd like to see more than 8 maps, and all game modes playable on all maps from day one.

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BeaArthur2786d ago

They didn't just recycle they completely changed the layout of those maps. Laguna plays totally different in Conquest than it does in Rush.

RonXD2786d ago

It plays totally different because of the game mode....All they did was make one section of the map available to play on, not the entire map..

BeaArthur2786d ago

The map is still completely different. It's not like every other game where you just place a flag in a new location and call it a different game mode.

xtremexx2786d ago

Well Now You Know So Do It For Battlefield 3

MGRogue20172786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

All Battlefield players forgive you, EA Dice. :)

Now you can redeem yourselves by giving us the content even earlier this time with Battlefield 3.

Nicaragua2786d ago

The 4 man limit on parties was pretty fucking stupid too, also no clan functions other than adding a 3 digit tag.

BlackTar1872786d ago

Exactly what i just posted. It was so stupid to limit it to 4player squads and no clan fuinstion it takes all the steam out of the game for competitive MP gamer like myself and my clan.

Great game brought down by stupid stuff.

I think what made it worse was i still had this bitter taste from BC1 and when it wasn't changed in BC2 i was furious and should have not bought th game but i do love gaming so i gave in. Didn't change the fact that my clan wasn't able to get into it and onto to to play.

RonXD2786d ago

This is old news.

Anyways, lack of content killed the game. Not only that, but Vietnam sucked.

xc7x2786d ago

still going last i played,not sure what your definition of "dead" is but to me that implies no one is playing it,far from that right now.

buckley2786d ago

The game isn't killed, as there's still a very active community. And Vietnam was actually a pretty great add-on. A metascore of 88 disagrees with you.

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