Study: Video games may lessen study time and hurt grades

According to a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, first-year freshmen who bring a video game console to college study, on average, 40 minutes less each day than their non-gaming peers. As a result, their GPA scores drop by 6 percent - or 0.241 points on a 4.0 grading scale.

The researchers said that they were not trying to prove anything about video games. Their study sought to determine how much of an effect study efforts have on grades.

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CAPS LOCK4037d ago

I hate these kinds of reports, I am not that smart and played video games 4 hours a day after college and guess what? I finished with the highest grades possible! it is entirely dependent on the student!

TheExodus4037d ago

I agree CAPS LOCK, so what if the GPA of students who play video games 40 minutes a day is 0.241 points lower. It's unlikely that those same students would increase their GPA by 0.241 points by not playing video games & in the grand scheme of things GPA isn't all that important so long as you graduate. I've never had a prospective employer ask my GPA in an interview.

Given that you're only young once there's no point in wasting your youth with your nose stuck between the pages of some dusty old book chasing a 4.0 that no one is ever going to care about. Should be out there racking up a laundry list of things you can believe you lived through and/or didn't end up in jail for!

Lumbo4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

they should instead have checked students who sit dead still without learning for the same amount as gaming, and surprise, same slump in grades.

Or clubbing, or sports ...

At least they had the decency to point out that the real issue is investing time into studies, or not, not if you waste your time with games or your gf.

Skynetone4037d ago

girls / motorbikes / drinking / swimming / jogging / all leeson your chances of getting high grades

the great thing is ya dont need grades to get a trade and you can drop out of school at 16 and still make more money then most jobs

i know people in college for over ten years learning various things and still cant beat a average trades-mans wage, SUCKERS

Cat4037d ago

ugh, it kills me that this study was funded. couldn't someone have just handed me $5 and asked, "do study efforts affect grades?"


"did playing video games in college detract from your study efforts?"



gololo4037d ago

lol...I know I would've taken those $5 too...oh man if I can count the times I said "Ok guys, this is my last match cuz I need to study" and then 3 hours later I'd be "Ok, now for real, this is my last match"

Rooted_Dust4037d ago

Even if there were no video games, kids would find different ways to avoid studying.