Mortal Kombat PS3 screens are brutal

GB: "We have brand new screens from the PlayStation 3 version of Mortal Kombat.
The game releases on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this April.
Please click the image to see it in a pop up and use back-next buttons to navigate through them."

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Overmind4203696d ago

Honestly, I feel Mortal Kombat lost it's way after Mortal Kombat Ultra on the 64.

vsr3696d ago

Hardcore !!!!! and Kratos FTW !!!

guigsy3696d ago

Deadly Alliance was good.

BubbleSniper3696d ago

i want to see better screens. high contrast, noncrispy screens make me sad and eyes bleed from displeasure.

downwardspiral3696d ago

it looks like they took screenshots of a youtube video and put it up in their site.

ksense3696d ago

Cannot wait to play as Kratos !!!!

waltyftm3696d ago

I wonder what his Fatalaties will be like, The God of War aint likely to go easy on these poor Kombatants.

BubbleSniper3696d ago

yes. he will wipe his ass with Liu Kang's face

after decapitation!

Panthers3696d ago

Im sure one will be ripping off the head of his opponent like in GoW3

Larry L3696d ago

In that gamespot video earlier Ed Boon gave some nice tid-bits about Kratos. His special moves have him using various items from GoW3. His regular blades (obviously), Cestus Gauntlets, Bow of Apollo and even the head of Helios. Awesome!!!

xAlmostPro3696d ago

I reckon one fatality will consist of him pulling the enemy towards him with his chains and the pushing his thumbs into his eyes(or just crushing the persons skull)..

Or probably just stabbing his chains into the arms and pulling them off, then the legs and then slicing the head off lol

Relientk773696d ago

I want to play this demo

SonyNGP3696d ago

Can't wait to rip Kratos' spine out with Sub-Zero ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.