GRTV: Infamous 2 Gameplay

GRTV: "Our boys in San Francisco captured this off-screen gameplay from Infamous 2, fresh from GDC 2011."

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Godmars2902788d ago

Why is it that whenever there's a video of someone playing a game they can't play it?

TOO PAWNED2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Probably due to many factors. A lot of crowd around them, people yelling and what not, being tired, standing, etc.
It's easy when you are in you are at home

trainsinrdr2788d ago

It's easy when you are in you are at home?

klado2788d ago

Esier when ye ere et heme, lol

stevenhiggster2788d ago

GT5 videos were the worst for that. You have to remember though that its probably the first time they've ever played it.

Killzone3___2788d ago

gt5 is different then this game , gt5 is one of the most hard games we ever saw , no one can make a perfect lap even the best players in it , you always make mistakes in the lap , gt5 is not a game that you learen in a minute , it's a game that you have to learn to play it for more then a month in each day , and every car have it's own gameplay , even my brother who have a good rank and went to the third round in the sessonal events is still not that good , alots of good players out , it's really hard to play against them >.< ...
gt5 needs skills that's why reviews bashed the game because they are sucks at it , the gameplay is almost realistic and they gave it less then 9.5 and some even give it less the 9 and 8 , that's why people must stop looking at reviews and hear opinions from the people and see it by yourself , GT5 is the best sim and it will stay the best until gt6 released ...

Killzone3___2788d ago

they play sucks because they are not good , when i play a game for the first time i know how to play it good in a 5 minutes , since inFAMOUS 2 is a sequel i don't need the 5 minutes to learn how to play because the gameplay is the same with alots of improve and alots of new stuff , so why it's hard for them ?.. because they are sucks..

DigitalAnalog2787d ago

Wow, even with an off-screen footage, I can easily tell that the game's image quality is so vivid. I also noticed the city seems to be a lot bigger than it's predecessor.... but for how much I would like to know. SP is really isn't holding any punches back, even the Hero edition seems so good to pass up.

-End statement

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GiggMan2788d ago

I hope there is an Infamous 2 demo.
The first games demo was easily one of the best demos ever. I would spend the whole time just messing around.

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metsgaming2787d ago

i hated the demo when it came out because the enemies seemed to never end, i got the game anyway at a later time and the demo didnt do it justice imo

zackacloud2788d ago

How about release the game ??!!

Or yeah Demo will be good till the release date

trainsinrdr2788d ago

Hey i never played infamous or prototype so if i had to play one which should i buy o and yh ino im asking on an infamous 2 gameplay trailer but i dont care about exclusivity

infamousinfolite2788d ago

infamous then when buying this game you won't be lost in the story format

The Meerkat2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I've only played Prototype and I loved it. You do feel like a proper bad ass.

But Infamous did score better in most cases.

I'd go with which ever one you can pick up at the best price.

Play has Infamous at £8.99
And Prototype is £14 for PS3 and £13 for 360.

There is your answer.

£9 is better than £14

And now I feel as if I've talked myself into getting a PS3 and stocking up on cheap older games.

nycredude2788d ago

Infamous is the better game out of the two, although prototype is not bad.

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Schism202788d ago

Seriously this is some boring gameplay from this guy all he does is climb and jump from building to building. He doesnt try to play a mission or even use his powers really?

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