Rumour: 40GB Sony PS3 coming on November 16th?

The rumors around a new Sony PS3 console are not ending. Over the weekend Ars Technica published that an industry source told them a new 40GB Sony PS3 will ship on or around November 16th. It is safe to assume that Sony will introduce a new Sony PS3 for the holiday shopping season. The 60GB version stock is depleting and the 80GB version is too expensive and is currently only selling as bundle.

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The Karate Kid4061d ago

Well it has been nearly a year with all the bashing of PS3 and all the talk of the price, games, exclusives, exc....we are just weeks away from the console war coming to an end.

Microsoft has done enough dirt on PS3 for long enough, but when the $399.99 models arrives it will destroy the 360 in all territories in the world. Ratchet & Clank will lead the way with its luscious graphics and sound, it is a great title to appeal to the casual audience. It is also a game that 360 just doesnt have. It is a game that will truley introduce the system to Mass Market.

Unreal Tournament 3
Uncharted Drakes Fortune
Socom Confrontation
Ratchet & Clank
Gran Turismo Prolouge

It will really be over for Japan and Europe....And with Blu-Ray already so popular PS3 will take the lead in North America especially with the Metal Gear Solid 4 on the horizon.

Bye bye 360 and good riddance to you XBOTZ.................

cheatmaster284061d ago

Well lets wait for a sony confirmation first before we get exited.

masterg4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

I was hoping and expecting November 1st. That's where the holiday shopping officially starts and I think that would have been the perfect time.

But 2 weeks later will probably do alright as well :)


You are missing the point.
All PS3's are the same when it comes to playing cames. No model is holding the others back.
That is not how it is on the 360. The core model is holding the other models back.

godofthunder104061d ago

what's the problem with all of the sony fanboys,first did all of them forget when the 360 released to different systems and they trashed the 360 all over the net saying that it's stupid and it will hurt microsoft,but now that the ps3 done release about 3 of them and now they are releasing another one they now think that it a great move.
i also like to know why they all act as if they own a part of sony.they never admit that the 360 has any good games or graphics.they also brag about how good the ps3 is doing in japan compared to the 360,well if they would have seen the tgs on g4 or if they want to admit it,they should be pissed off because when they asked some magazine games writers for a japanese magzine why the 360 isn't doing well in japan with all the games that it have for it,and they replied that the japanese people are proud of their country and like to support it's economy as much as they can and proud of companies that's from japan,and they just refuse to buy anything that's not from japan ,especialy the U.S.if i was a sony fan i would be ebarrassed if not i wold be mad as h*ll after hearing this.well i have nothin to be ashamed about,i buy as much as i can that's american made and i never hope that a company from a foriegn country beats an american company and hope that it's fell.and unlike the sony fanboys i admit the truth,i admit that the ps3 is a good system because to fight over system like the sony fanboys do is just childish and stupid.

cr33ping_death4061d ago

well arent we patriotic? so because i would choose a well known electronics maker (SONY) which is known to roll out some of the best products out there......compared to MS who is know more for their software( look at 260 red ring of death) better than their hardware.....i should be tried for treason? get real "patriot" in the end its all business

agent8644061d ago

cell processor : IBM : US
RSX : Nvidia : US
Drake : Naughty Dog : US
Ratchet : Insomniac : US
Warhawk : Incognito : US

there are bluray disc mfg facilities in the US. IBM has a factory in NY that makes the Cell.

So there's plenty of american made hardware / software in a PS3.

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SonySoldiers4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Thanks Phil. Fantastic news indeed!!

We will continue to combat all xbots and make them look bad to potential buyers of Playstation 3.

Sony is proud of you, providing the best technology on the planet which the XCOW 360 can't even touch it. Japan is highly proud of you for being an American who supports non-domestic products! We truly encourage all americans to buy more japanese technology that years beyond anything M$ offers. GUARANTEED!

Edit: Sorry Phil, you're still a tool, regardless. Hirai san is way above all converted cowboys like you.

felman874061d ago

I'll wait for confirmation before wetting myself

mighty_douche4061d ago

mean big things for sony this xmas, with great games like UT3, uncharted and R&C coming in the same month im sure these consoles will fly off the shelf especailly with the lack-luster halo.

and before the fanboys jump on my halo comment can you actually really say that halo meet all your expectations? or the hype?

iheartSONY4061d ago

Too late for me I already got a 60gb PS3 but if this is true I hope it helps sales. The cheaper 20gb PS3 didn't really help PS3 sells so I hope this does a better job. I guess some people don't like buying the cheaper model cuz they feel like they are missing out on something. I just hope when this 40gb PS3 comes out it still has wifi.

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