Dead Nation Introduces Voice Chat Integration, New Development Diary

PS Blog:

Now, we’re excited to report that our upcoming patch is only days away (coming Monday, March 7th) and will provide players with not only online co-op Voice Chat, but also Checkpoint saves, the ability to copy saves, and some even further surprises for all the Dead Nation players out there!

And finally, for those interested in seeing behind-the-scenes of the game’s development, we made a small development diary last year that shows just how the whole zombie pandemic really got started…

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AntoineDcoolette2784d ago

Wow.... about freaking time. I already platinumed and uninstalled this but a lack of voice chat made online co-op hell.

Elimin82784d ago

I know. I was thinking the same. Every second me and my buddy had to pause, XMB, message. Took forever to strategize.... Know when to run, backup or use mines etc....

slate912784d ago

Lol? Lack of voice chat from the start? What year is it?

BubbleSniper2784d ago

shut up! if you been following WHY no V.C.I you know

MS own stupid patent on it and SONY can only do workaround among other thing.

AssassinHD2784d ago

There was nothing prohibiting Dead Nation from having voice chat from the start. Slate91 is correct. Voice chat should be a staple in multiplayer enabled games by now.

Nitrowolf22784d ago

The patent has nothing to do with the lack of voice chat
BubbleSniper it appears that your not following why.

Esena2784d ago



This is a co-op game. You NEED voice chat. I had to sit on facebook chat with a buddy in order to play through it properly. It should not have taken 3 months to roll out voice chat for a CO-OP game. Come one SONY.

Balt 2784d ago

This game didn't click with me -- It was cool, I guess. But it just alienated me, the player, as it was just too pulled back. It was like we were in a helicopter high above the action -- And while that's nice and good, I like many top down games of this ilk, this one just seemed suprisingly pulled back. In doing so it pulled be away from the game.

I got to the hospital parking lot, never got to the hospital because it was nothing but lot and city, and quit. Which brings me to another problem with the game -- Everything seemed the same. We were always trying to get out of the city but the entire game was the city. Even the park level couldn't end without you running through the city again.

This game was a missed chance at greatness. I don't see a follow-up, and if we do get one it'll be 2 years away.

SuperKing2784d ago

Have you got SuperStarDust HD? I think it's a far superior game. Definitely get that over Dead Nation.

Drekken2784d ago

Balt doesn't like a PS3 exclusive? Shocking.

jeeves862784d ago

Several of the games promo images showed the camera at a much closer angle. Being closer to the character has always helped me when I'm not feeling very immersed in the game.

AssassinHD2784d ago

This is good news. I tried playing it with a friend of mine but the lack of voice chat really took away from the experience.

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The story is too old to be commented.