Who is actually getting banned from PSN?

Yesterday, a poll was conducted on about who is actually getting banned by Sony with regards to pirated consoles, and the results seem to point that Sony has not really made a mayor move to get rid of pirates other than sending warning e-mails and use the press to get people to switch to the latest firmware. Read on to see the results

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Octo12785d ago

It could be that Sony is holding off anymore bans until the new OFW is released (3.60 i think?)

smoothdude2785d ago

These polls are not reliable.

HolyOrangeCows2785d ago

"a poll was conducted on"

LOL, these people TOTALLY won't lie to make the PS3 look bad.

GameSpawn2785d ago

3,000 vote sample to represent 40+ MILLION possible consoles (Look at the voting choices, it's a poll to legit users and hackers).

Granted...this poll is on a hacking site, so there will be bias.

MAIN POINT: 3,000 is not a good sample size in ANY reliable poll representing millions. Even at 1 million 3,000 is only .003%!! A good poll should at least be closer to 1% with a fairly random unbiased selection.

inveni02784d ago

I'm in full support of Sony over this deal. I DO NOT support bricking consoles, but I DO support permanent PSN bans by console ID. I don't support bricking because software infringement should not affect your hardware.

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Blaze9292784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

No one is getting banned. I'm calling scare tactics and bluffing on Sony's part. Where is the proof? Not any. No screenshots, images, video, nothing of the ban message except some text that was probably passed around and originated by sony themselves to the community increase fear.

I'm just saying, for such a big issue they are making it out to be, these bans are pretty quiet and fishy. Not one person I know personally running CFW has been banned yet.

Proof or stfu

RememberThe3572784d ago

I gotta agree with that. If all this banning is going on then were is all the evidence. We should be seeing floods of youtube videos and forum rants. I have yet to see either.

kickarss2785d ago

I think you might be onto something Octo1

extermin8or2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Actually I got banned for apparently sending messages to people asking for details such as credit card stuff, account info ect and pretending to be an official??, I have done no such thing was pretty annoyed, I phoned them got some guy on the phone that got sarcastic and treated me like i was stupid "they don't ban you if you didn't do it" well the whole point of my phone call was to outline that 4 years of gaming and purchases (not many thankfully) had just been lost... and that they are saying I'd done something I hadn't piss poor customer service

Focker4202785d ago

Or... wait for it.... you're actually lying.

Octo12785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Well if you have not done what they claim, then you my friend have a possible lawsuit in your hand.Well as long as you can prove it.

AssassinHD2785d ago

Not really. The PSN is a private service so Sony does not really need a reason to restrict access to it.

extermin8or2785d ago

true, i'm still waiting for a reply to my email requesting to know the time and date of said message and what it actually said, because i went through all the sent ones on my ps3 and had nothing that could even be miscomprehended to mean such a thing

Non_sequitur2785d ago

Do you send those annoying chain letters?

Gothdom2785d ago

that must be what he did. That Kevin Butler free psn card crap and I think there's a COD spam too.

lee_ten2785d ago

i got those chain mails before. deleted right away.

AssassinHD2785d ago

People who send me chain letters get immediately removed from my friend list. No exceptions. All of my friends are well aware of that fact.

OneSneakyMofo2784d ago

Anyone that sends me a chain letter gets deleted off my friend's list as soon as it hits my inbox.


DaTruth2784d ago

The first time I got a chain letter, it was about access to Halo and GeoW betas if I sent it to 10 friends! I knew this was ridiculous and just considered that chain letters get sent and not to bother with anything resembling it!

This early ridiculous scam gave away the more likely K.Butler scam!

pixelsword2780d ago

I at least warn them that it's spam before they kick; someone said that it was real, then I kicked him from my list.

I wish I reported them first; maybe I still have the letter...

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AssassinHD2785d ago

Everyone in prison is innocent. If you don't believe me just ask them.

gamingdroid2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I tend to believe this guy, because if you do that sort of thing you aren't likely to be dumb enough to do it on your personal account that you bought gazillion games on.

Fact is, you can just open a new account even from PC and do it.

Logic dictates extermin8or is speaking the truth.

@AssassinHD: It doesn't make sense why he wouldn't do it on a different account, when it is easily accessible and entirely free?

I believe Sony will do their utmost to stop mistakes from happening and pretty darn sure they aren't banning someone by mistake, but they do happen and in instance it sure sounds like it. Why would you use that particular account to do fraud, when there is an option to use a different one for free?

AssassinHD2785d ago

He did not buy a gazillion games on the account that was banned. He admitted as much in his comment. People do stupid things every day. Why would extermin8or be an exception?

Extermin8or has an incentive to lie. Sony does not have an incentive to ban a potential money source without reason.

extermin8or2785d ago

@Assassin HD i didn't buy a gazillion but i had ps plus, uncharted dlc, a few psp games, a psn game and resistance ect dlc, plus MW2 scores, gt5 data, 7 platinums ect -_-

RememberThe3572784d ago

I'm sorry to hear that man, hopefully everything works out. If you didn't do anything wrong you shouldn't be punished. I'd keep on them until you find someone willing to help you.

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neversawthestars2785d ago

Yeah, like hackers being the most honorable and loyal bunch are going to vote on a poll honestly. yup sure

silvacrest2785d ago

i hear you, but what's the point in them lying in this situation?

in fact, telling the truth would help them selfs out, they could get an accurate picture of how many people are getting banned

anyway, it looks like sony hasn't banned anyone YET for CFW

Soldierone2785d ago

"yet" but it is coming, and the "hackers" know it.

Octo12785d ago

For all I care go ahead and CFW away and play your "backed up" games to your hearts content. Just as long as you don't ruin my online gameplay/experience or steal my PS3 ID to get yourself unbanned.

Zashule2785d ago

I thank you for your blessing, and I agree. If you mod your console, don't **** things up for people that just want to play. Cheaters ruin online games. I got a ban warning, have not been banned yet, but it is something I knew would happen. If you get online privileges taken away due to personal choices, don't ruin it for everyone else. Accept the punishment for your action and move on. Anyone that mods their console KNOWS they will be banned. If you cannot live with that, stay on 3.56

RememberThe3572784d ago

Now thats how a real man commits a crime. lol

But really, I agree with what both of you are saying. As long as it doesn't hurt legitimate users I don't care. But once that line is crossed and my experience is ruined we have a problem.

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