PlayStation Network vs. Xbox Live

In this article, onAXIS compares PlayStation Network and Xbox Live:

"Okay, first, lets start off with interface, below we have the interface for the PlayStation Network, and the interface for Xbox Live.

Now, if you take a look, Xbox Live lists "Messages, Friends, and Chat" usually with an ad under Xbox Live when logged online showcasing a new download or game on the Marketplace. While the PlayStation 3 lists the friend addition, blocking, and message box, all under one XMB icon."

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Ignorant Fanboy4037d ago

Xbox Live wins hands down.

I have both, and I always get stuff first on live, I dont really check PSN very often, theres just not much there after you have played the couple of demos they have.

Xbox live has over 100 full game demos. They come out weekly, and theres always alot I dont even get to play.

Machety4037d ago

I am a proud PS3 owner and I love My PS3 but I think Xbox live is better than the PSN. Anyway I hope Sony update it soon. PS# for life Baby

Omegasyde4037d ago

Do emulators?
Hmm. With Linnux installed on a PS3, a person could download a emulator with genesis/snes games etc. , and play. There is even an emulation with the option of playing with the controller now instead of the Keyboard and mouse. (Yes I know PC's can.)

So far the closest people got on the 360 was for the case to be opened and severely modded {lots of work, and ruins the warranty :( ].

The option on being able to play Mario Bro's 3 or Vectorman is alot cooler than PSN and XBL, and its free [and ILLEGAL lol ;) ].

Linux Emulator for PS3>XBL>PSN.

Search for it on if you don't believe me.

NeonSkull4037d ago

Why has the above post got any diagree's, what is it that people have to disagree with?

WilliamRLBaker4037d ago

omega's post about emulation being better...ect?

even If I had the hankering to play outdated games I could just pull out my old systems that work and play them, Instead of installing the software...ect downloading the roms...ect then playing a inferior version most of the time that has frame rate issues becasue of the strain emultion puts on cpu's....

nah I'll say Xbox live>Emulation>Psn

Gizmo_Logix4037d ago

Another one-sided xbot's BLOG...

It's not what he said. It's what he left out.

Like future HOME integration, no fees, prototype PSN (coming updates), fledgeling services, game integration, sleek fit and finish (vs the cartoony Live).

So, bring up the fact that you get more game DLs on Live is pointless unless you mention that it has been out a year and ten months. Even longer since Live as service has been out since 2002 (xbox 1). So, of course he'll leave this part out. This is why this blog is slanted.

Thugbot1874037d ago

What I’m disagreeing about is that the Emulator is out of context to the story. The emulator was designed for Linux just so happens the PS3 can use it. We are here talking about the features of what each online service provides content wise and Sony doesn’t provide the roms for the emulators. This is just typical fanboy drama get over yourself and stay on topic.

BloodySinner4037d ago

You're essentially pirating software. So I cannot give you credit.

Seraphim4037d ago

I'd be hard pressed to say one is absolutely better than another. Both have their merits and demerits about them. And when it comes to quantity lets not forget that the 360 has been out an entire year before the PS3. Not to mention it's not their fault the demos aren't getting up. Although it seems to be improving. All Sony really needs to do is continue to offer the demos, games, make a few tweaks w/ the XMB, and offer achievements. Other than that the only specific thing I'd change about the PS Store right now is that if you want to view all [any] for there to be a list lined up [top to bottom] w/ icons so that you can actually browse all a little more efficiently...

XboxIsBad4037d ago

I bet you most of this will change with firmware update 2.00

kewlkat0074037d ago

your condoning the illegal use of the Ps3's hardware.

Something SONY would not be too happy about.

Its like saying, the Original Xbox was better because it could be modded and really could do anything you wanted with it..look it up? The thing is, MS would Ban your box if they found out.

What can Sony do when the PS3 becomes hacked and such, with a free service?

XBL wins hands down, and No it is not because that's what I have but seriously ask PS3 fans and others that have both...

Fanboys may say because PSN is free, it makes it better but no FN's all about the CONTENT and FEATURES.

Gondee4036d ago

Actuly i do recall that Home will have some fees if you choose to purches ingame objects

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power of Green 4037d ago

I'm looking forward to the Fall update.

btkadams4037d ago

*cough* one sided *cough*

i do believe xbox live is better than the psn, but he didnt even mention psn being free. how bout the part where he says xbox live having a ton of ads is A PLUS?!! he downplays the fact that the ps store only has ads for games? wtf. seriously. i believe xbox live wins but i dont think its as big a win as this guy believes.

Odion4037d ago

all the adds are usually about new arcade titles, or DLC, or some kind of pormotion

power of Green 4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Why should he mention PSN being free he's not talking about price plans he's talking about the differences of useful functionality. So the XBL gold card membership on sale provides a better XBL Gold membership full price?. Just Kidding just sounds like an retarded point when people compare the usefulness of the two and compare the two services functionality.

Genki4037d ago

Bang for your buck is a very real consideration when comparing similar services or products.

In that respect, this doesn't appeal to the casual who may play an online game every month, bi-monthly, or with even longer.

Downplay it all you want, but it does matter. Just like how the price point of the 360 as an HD gaming machine is appealing when compared to the PS3, so is the free PSN in comparison to XBox Live.

darkequitus4037d ago

You forget BTKadams, Xboxlive is free. The online play is what you apy for - a maybe some demos earlier.

godofthunder104037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

how is something that's free means it's better,h*ll i rather pay for something that's a h*ll of a lot better then something that's halfa** like the psn.don't get me wrong,i think the ps3 is a good system but the psn can't compare to xbox live and that's a fact.

Dannagar4037d ago

Everything the write brought up can be accessed for Free with your Free silver membership.

BloodySinner4037d ago

There's nothing to downplay. There are subscription packages. No one is forced to pay the $50 annual fee.

sabbath4204037d ago

The article clearly states future home service "sports Home soon enough"

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GavinMannion4037d ago

I expected this to be a completely biased and baseless discussion on how the PSN rules.... onAXIS has never attempted to be a non-biased site so I was pleasantly suprised to see an honest comparison.

Real Gambler4037d ago

From the posting guidelines: "Again as with all news stories the important thing is that what you report is newsworthy. That some no-name-blogger writes a story about how much he dislikes console X, that is not news."

This article is not newsworthy. This article comes from a no-name-blogger.

If I post an article in a blog about the fact that I think that too many "posters" on News 4 Gamers (not Opinions 4 Gamers by the way) look like they are on Microsoft payroll, will it immediately be picked up by CNN??? No, because it would come from a blog, and would not be newsworthy...

I come to N4G to get news, not opinions from a blog... I want release dates for games, I want news on game engines, I even want to know if a big wig has moved from one company to another company. Those are NEWS.

snoop_dizzle4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

excellent friend list which is really important for me and how its incorporated in game with chat and everything. I wish psn had a version of this. Fortunetly that will probably happen.