The Old Republic Trailer Showcases the Bounty Hunter

BioWare has released another trailer for their upcoming Star Wars MMO.

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darthv722788d ago

do things look more futuristic for the past? As if there was a de-evolution in technology from when things took place in the old republic universe and the movie based universe.

Over the course of several hundred if not thousand years things should have evolved or at least try and reflect the difference in times.

kaveti66162788d ago

you cant expect the devs to tone down their imagination just to make it feel right.

Incipio2788d ago

Well...the movies were made backwards, so the "future" films were made with old tech and effects, and the "past" films were made with CGI and awesome effects.

It's really strange that Lucas didn't try hard to make things look older and more simple than episodes 4,5 and 6. Because now that he made it look all awesome and shiny and tech-y, it kind feels ass-backwards.

Baka-akaB2788d ago

Itt always felt to me that indeed the tech was more evolved in the past and the places cleaner , but that the constant and successive wars threw every back to the "dark age" .

Lucas arts as a whole is too cautious about what's cannon or not , to have missed that . And they could easily have kept the "dirty" look of the tech and planets with the same cgi improvements , if they wanted too

Incipio2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Wow, so as a bounty hunter you run straight at your enemy while blasting, burning or freezing them.

Because that's totally what Boba and Jango did. Just ran straight at everyone with guns blazing saying I ARE BOUNTY HUNTER HEAR ME ROAR

Meh, I'm unimpressed with this class.

Baka-akaB2788d ago

and what else were you expecting otherwise ? Other that "you too you can be bobba fett" ?

neolit2788d ago

meeeh. WOW in space. I hoped for something better.

RedDead2788d ago

Might have a good story though...

Sinsarmor2788d ago

looks good now if only they didn't cancel the beta test i was supposed to be in for this game last Dec...still waiting for the e-mail back for the next testing phase :( lol