Eurogamer: Project Gotham Racing 4 Review - 9/10

Appropriately enough for a game that introduces motorbikes, PGR4 restores balance to a series that was beginning to wobble. PGR3 wasn't sure whether to be a fast racer or a game of technical driving. With PGR4, Bizarre Creations was sure it could do both, and so it proves.

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Tone4087d ago

This is a must buy for me :)

Just a pitty the States are getting it on the 2nd and everywhere else has to wait till the 12th :(

Booooooo :P

Genki4087d ago

looked spectacular, especially the environments.

happygamer4087d ago

please dont post every review of this game. im sure the people that wants it are going to buy it and the people that arent is probably going to bash it.

happens to ps3/360 all the time its stupid no use in having every review on the net for one game so people can start flame wars.

InMyOpinion4087d ago

If you can't take it, look away. But don't come in here whining.

happygamer4087d ago

dont really care what the game looks like its a buy for me just with like gt every new release of these games are buys for me gotta have those racers.

InMyOpinion4087d ago

This is what AAA looks like.

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