Gamer Euphoria: Torchlight Review (XBLA)

There’s a massive dungeon crawling void in video games, this void has been there for a good long while. Many have tried to fill the void but have ultimately failed. Back in 2009 Runic games released Torchlight, the game was met with both critical and user praise, fast forward to 2011 and Torchlight is set to make its appearance on Xbox Live.

Replicating the addictive formula that made Diablo such a classic, Torchlight has become something of a Mecca for wandering Diablo fans. Torchlight doesn’t offer an engrossing or highly original story but does however set up players with the bare basics of pick a class go to town pick up quests go complete them. The game’s plot focuses on the town of Torchlight which is sat upon a mine which happens to contain a strong source of Ember (a powerful ore used to imbues items and people with magical power). In traditional fashion the town is having trouble with an ancient evil and through a number of events the player is dragged into the action, thus begins the dungeon crawling of the locations below Torchlight.

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Agent_S2784d ago

Im really looking forward to this. No co-op is a bummer though.

GamerEuphoria2784d ago

Yeah the lack of co-op is a bit of a shame, the game has plenty of room for it, only thing we can really do is cross fingers and hope that Torchlight 2 makes in to XBLA with co-op....or wait for DnD to hit XBLA :D

Thanks for reading mate