Video: Mortal Kombat's gruesome Fatality roster

A shaky-cam video showing off a few of the Fatalities in NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat has made its way onto the internet. It's a bit bloody.

The video features Cyrax, Mileena and Kung-Lao doing their worst - and their worst is pretty horrifying. Fair warning, they're all a bit grim, discretion is advised.

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KingDustero2787d ago

There is already another article that was approved today for the SAME video, which is already MONTHS old.

Who the heck is approving this? Yes the fatalities are amazing, but this is footage that has been around for MONTHS. Anyone who has been paying attention to this would've already seen it a couple of times by now.

creamsoda2787d ago

scorpion has a badass fatality.

spunkee3112786d ago

I'd rather watch the fatalaties in the game on my own tv in full 1080p Glory rather than a shitty youtube video. Kinda ruins the buzz.