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Sonyslave33695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Xbox 720 can't come sooner

Gears of war 4 is going to be a beast.

Jio3695d ago

Troll fail, Epic's Gears or War trilogy exclusivity ends with Gears of War 3, meaning the next Gears of War will be multiplatform.

The_Ultimate_Guy3695d ago

@ Jio

Think about his logically. "IF" there is a next Gears game after Gears 3 it most likely won't happen till the next gen consoles are released...and guess who will be releasing the next gen console first....Microsoft. This will result in Sony once again releasing a console more powerful than the 720 because they will release the console later when tech has moved forward just like this gen with the 360 and PS3. EPIC is not going to sit on a possible gold mine waiting for SONY to release their next PS console if Epic can release the game on an already existing next gen console, being the Xbox 720.

Mystogan3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Jio fails to kill troll

I think its safe to assume that Gears of war 4 will not be multi-platform,if its even coming.

Epic loves MS and the partnership they have.

On topic:

They should make this a real game for Xbox 720 instead of just a tech demo.

Inside_out3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Why don't they release some high quality video of this showing. This off camera stuff ruins all the atmosphere and lighting...still...

Where is the announcement for the new IP Epic is going to announce??? I wonder if it will be called something like " Samaritan " and feature a main character that looks like Liam Nelson in the movie Taken and is a new breed of superhero with super hero powers....Hmmmmm....

I wonder what Epic has planned for E3...this is still Unreal 3.95 ( as Epic calls it ) NOT Unreal 4. I wonder if it will be exclusive to 360. Usually when a company demo's something like this, it's to generate interest and hope a pub drops large for the publishing rights...yep. it's called hitting the nail on the head. Did you notice that Crytek released their own tech demo right after this with very similar lighting. Competition is such a great thing.

BTW...M$ would be crazy to miss this opportunity. I think EA didn't do Bulletstorm justice with all there attention on Deadspace 2, Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3...just saying.

Theonetheonly3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

In about 6 months this level of Detail At Decent resolution should and most likely will be possible on a single GPU. I say this because SLI is inefficient meaning the performance you are seeing is not actually %300 of the 580 its more like %235
you lose some of that performance.

here's a little demo of what nvidia is doing with dynamic tesselation at the moment.

As for those of you who game on a console I would not expect to see this level of detail next gen if you are hoping for greater than 1080p at the moment I would expect getting the same level of detail as now just at a 1080p if not higher resolution, and over time in order to meet the expectations of the gamers who they showed the videos to and made promises about slowly lower the resolution to less than half that which was initially promised in order to provide the quality visuals but at the cost of resolution, and of course framerate.

Much like they did this generation.

I have had this theory since this gen launched, and i was right but no one believed me then. :)

BulletToothtony3695d ago

We hear this about the Unreal Engine EVERY year.. and then when the games come out.. prrrrrtt!

They look worse than the original Gears

nveenio3695d ago

What's bitter-sweet about this is that when devs start maximizing PC tech, it urges the console makers to out with a new console. Once DirectX 11 is standard for PC games, it won't be long before a new console is launched. Why is that a bad thing? Because then I'm gonna have to spend $700 on a new console...

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Jio3695d ago

People are angry. Look it up, Microsoft ONLY publishes Gears of War

vsr3694d ago

xbox 360 will be discontinued in 2012. So next gen starts in 2013 with this engine for console.

callahan093695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

I published this comment in another thread, and I think it's a perfect response here too:

What you see rendered by this next-gen engine is done by 3x GTX 580's in 3-way SLI. When do you think we'll have consoles with this kind of power?

3x GTX 580 = 3x $500 = $1500

This also requires a pretty high-end motherboard for 3-way SLI support. The cheapest one I could find with this support = $140

Which would require Socket AM3 CPU, specifically AMD Phenom II, the cheapest = $95

Then you're going to have to power this bad boy. With 3-way SLI 580's you're going to need a beast of a power supply, and also one that's very reliable and protects you from thermal overload and will lend itself to good airflow, or you're just going to destroy your rig. Guru3D says that a 3-way SLI setup with 580's is going to push your rig to eat over 1000-watts. So you're going to want something like this for the power, the airflow, and the protection it gives you (cheaping out on the PSU is the last thing you want to do) = $280

So that's just the barebones setup to get 3-way 580's. And you're already up to $2015. You haven't even got your RAM yet. Or hard drive. Or an optical drive (because if the next Xbox is going to come out next year like you predict, it is not going to be exclusively digital distribution).

You're also going to need a big case to fit all those guts and keep decent airflow and you're going to want a monster cooling system because those cards get HOT and you've got 3 of them all piled up on top of each other.

You're talking about $2500+, minimum. And remember, we cheaped out on the CPU going with the low-end Phenom II... which probably bottlenecks our monster GPU setup anyway and is most likely something we don't want to do. So don't cheap out on your cooling system (we don't want our next-gen Xbox to have the same reliability issues as the early 360's do we?) and probably give yourself a beefier CPU, and you're looking at what's probably easily a $3000 dollar machine.

With all the flack Sony took launching the PS3 at over 500 dollars, I don't think Microsoft is going to follow suit with their next console. So do you think this 3000 dollar monster is going to be viable to build and sell for under 500 within the span of a year and a half?

I don't think I have to tell you that the answer is "No."

Vermillion3695d ago

They did say that with little optimization, it can run on single 500 TI graphic card.

Source: http://www.develop-online.n...

nycredude3695d ago


Yeah sure PC developers are great at optimizing. /s

Belasco3695d ago

You summed up very nicely why we won't see a next gen console for a long, long time.

sjaakiejj3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

In addition to what Vermillion mentioned, it is also true that a consoles architecture is quite different from a PC, and it usually uses custom parts to gain more performance.

If new consoles release next year, they will use a new graphics card, probably running on an equivalent of PCI-Express 3.0 technology, with better design for processor and memory bandwidth. A console is also able to handle branching and multithreading in a better way than PC, due to their set-in-stone architecture. They are able to get more performance out of cheaper hardware using these, and several other techniques.

It's not unlikely that they'll be able to render a scene such as the one seen in this demo.

BlackKnight3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )


"A console is also able to handle branching and multithreading in a better way than PC, due to their set-in-stone architecture."

You couldn't be more wrong. PC CPU's are MUCH better at branch prediction and multithreading. Xbox's and PS3's CPUs are in-order processors while PC CPU's are out-of-order processors.

Console CPUs are scaled back to reduce cost and complexity.

Branch prediction is also weak:

"At any rate, Playstation 3 fanboys shouldn't get all flush over the idea that the Xenon will struggle on non-graphics code. However bad off Xenon will be in that department, the PS3's Cell will probably be worse. The Cell has only one PPE to the Xenon's three, which means that developers will have to cram all their game control, AI, and physics code into at most two threads that are sharing a very narrow execution core with no instruction window. (Don't bother suggesting that the PS3 can use its SPEs for branch-intensive code, because the SPEs lack branch prediction entirely.)"

Both consoles are very limited in that aspect.

As far as "set-in-stone architecture", that is not an architecture. The consoles just don't change so the devs can tailor to the limits of the consoles. But that just means they can get every ounce of power out of the consoles, it doesn't mean a console can compete against 3 580's that is 20-40x faster. Just a nvidia 560 stomps all over the consoles' performance and features.

ProjectVulcan3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Yes callahan....

A $3000 PC will get beaten by a $1000 PC inside about 18 months, 2 years maximum. Thats how fast tech moves. 18 months ago $900 5870 crossfire and $1000 i7 975 would have been as good as it got without going quad GPU, pointless thanks to scaling. Today you can get better performance for far less than half the cost with a $350 i7 2600k and $500 6950 crossfire.

The new consoles will not be around until late 2012/early 2013 most likely. By that time Tri-SLI GTX580 performance will have been packed onto one chip without too many problems, and the cost more than halved. As has been pointed Tri SLI scaling is not particularly great, even in best case scenario it'll be no more than 2.5x a single GTX580.

Consoles often make a loss right at the start, as tech moves on they become extremely cheap to manufacture. Its perfectly conceivable that by early 2013 a new process will be coming into use.

This summer 28nm will hit and a new generation of chips arrive, the fastest single GPU will likely be at least 1.5 times as fast as GTX580. Early 2013, expect 20nm to be about ready. This process would provide at a top end single GPU with at least 3x the performance of a GTX580.

Personally i think a manufacturer sooner or later might consider a console using a pair of slower GPUs on an extremely fast bus. This might end up being cheaper and considerably faster than one extremely large, expensive chip.

DeadlyFire3694d ago

A little optimization means next generation of cards should be able to handle it. Only 1-3 years away from this kinda tech on a graphics card. GPUs evolve yearly. Now with CPU/GPU hybrids + GPUs as well I expect lots of great potential to come. PCIExp 3 as well coming soon. Either way next gen consoles are not far. A GPU can be built in the next couple of years to sport this game engine for consoles easy.

UE 3.975 = UE 4.0 if you ask me. This is a prototype of UE 4.0. I believe it means UE 4 is 97% complete. Awesome.

If they can deliver this on UE3 then power to them. Certainly not something I would expect on UE 3.

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Shaman3695d ago

Looks like effin CGi!Real time on 3xGF580 cards and they promised to optimize it :D

FragGen3695d ago

The environment rendering looks flat out amazing but all the characters look like they're made out of latex or something. And this is with 3 PC GFX cards? It's cool but they have their work cut out for them.

bluwulf3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )



Someone point out to me the last Unreal Engine (PC) game that raised the bar for PC visuals

Oh forgot. No unreal engine game trumped Crysis, Arma, Stalker, or even Metro2033...

U guys really excited over this? Might as well pretend Epic's bullshots are 'in game' as well.

As always, can't look at any Previous Epic Unreal Engine titles...

just future ones...

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Razzamataz3695d ago

YouTube mirror (in-case they pull it ala Battlefield 3).

PLASTICA-MAN3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

the video got pulled and the youtube video is now private. Do you have another working link please? And what was the battlefield 3 video that got pulled too?

Edit: Never mind I found one:

Zir03695d ago

Next gen will be crazy.

Just imagine the quality of all those multiplatform games who use Unreal let alone the exclusive ones like Gears.

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Stealth20k3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

lets watch development costs kill the industry once and for all next gen

and gears being exclusive after 3 anymore is doubtful..........