Gears of War 3 Beta: April 18th | April 25th to May 15th

Gamertag Radio writes: "Gears of War 3 beta begins April 25th - May15th. For those that purchased Bulletstorm will get the Beta on April 18th."

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StanLee2837d ago

Sweet! Can't wait. Here's hopping dedicated servers and a beta makes for a more balances, stable and competitive multiplayer.

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BeaArthur2837d ago

So most likely Gamestop will be doing some promo where you pre-order gears and you get into the beta. And to think all of those people bought Bulletstorm to get in a week early.

AutoCad2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Bulletstorm is actually a pretty fun addicting game.
Will still be playing it if i didnt have Dragon Age 2

BeaArthur2837d ago

I'm not saying it isn't fun, I'm just saying that there are people out there who bought it for the sole purpose of getting into the Gears Beta and now it turns out they didn't have to.

AutoCad2837d ago

Who cares really.?
Same could be said of Killzone 3 and the socom beta.You know how many fans the socom franchise has that probably went out to buy the game instead of waiting till today to find out its not even the earliest way to play it

maxcer2837d ago

yea we got bulletstorm, an extra week of beta access, and a hammerburst skin for retail. not bad if you ask me, it not like BS was a shitty game. this way i can get all the unlocks out of the way before the masses hit the servers and we have noting but p.lancers and coletrains running around.

and don't forget there is a limited number of spots open.

BeaArthur2837d ago

Already Pre-Ordered and have my Beta access code.

BX812837d ago

I bought bulletstorm yesterday because I wasn't too sure about the game. I really didn't have a good feeling about it after the demo. The game is fun as hell! I come back from Puerto Rico just in time to gets some Gears 3 in... Can't wait!

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