Shift 2: Unleashed – Four New Gameplay Videos HD

“V3ctroGamesMedia” on YouTube has recently uploaded some new footage of Shift 2: Unleashed.. Check ‘em out below:

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stevenhiggster2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Physics look the same as last time which is dissapointing, watch the second vid and at about 0.36 theres no way the car would have oversteered like that. Frame rate is vastly improved though which is nice.

Terarmzar2786d ago

Just as Sttevenhiggster said, the physics look exactly the same as they were in the first shift which is the main reason i was put off by the first shift. If your going to make a game that goes against other simulator games on consoles, make sure it has reasonable physics.

--------2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

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tails132786d ago


I wonder if they've added a Roo running across the track every now and then.

diego7502786d ago

Stupid developer saying this would be better than Gran Turismo 5, I cannot even see that big difference between this and the first SHIFT

bluwulf2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

They are restricted by the 360's hardware to really improve. The 360 can't push out GT-ish Visuals with 15+vehicles on a track in HD with the detail/weather etc.

I dig the sound & blur stuff.. its just not realistic. You don't get blurred vision while driving immediately in front of you.. :\ cool fx though

Knushwood Butt2785d ago

Yeah, this does just look like the first game but with nicer visuals.

One thing I do like about the series is the sound. Not because it is realistic, because it's not, but it's nice and noisy. It can get on your nerves after a while, but in short sessions it helps to add to the atmosphere and is something that actually sets the series apart from the competition.

Also, I hope they polish this properly before release and fully support patching the issues after release. With the first one (on the PS3 at least) it is still broken to this day. Plenty of fairly major problems still remain un-patched. There's no way I'm paying top dollar for that again, thanks. I paid full price for the first game.

Finally, I wish they would get rid of that black and white crap whenever you touch anything: it's lame.

fistacuff562785d ago

sad thing is how many people who don't know fuck shit about simulation are going to call this realistic

Quagmire2785d ago

Its a game.

Its never going to be the real thing, not even GT5. Get over yourself, stop trolling, and buy Shift 2 :P

Pyscho_Mantis2785d ago

why should he. Hes right this is not a sim. Not at all what the developers were saying.I fucking hate this bullshit PR talk. If you cant say the truth about your product then you dont have faith in it which means its not as good as you would have wanted.

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