Hid.Kojima : Crysis is a ridiculous game.!!

"Crysis is a ridiculous that has a Stereotype story!" Hideo kojima has said on a interview with Dengeki Playstation magazine!

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StanLee4794d ago

He's right but when he says it, it's lauded, when I say it, I lose bubbles.

captain-obvious4794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

100% with kojima on this one
based on my MP demo try with crysis
it IS a ridiculous game

Rynx4794d ago

I can't help but feel conflicted.

I don't really care about Crisis, a game with highly vocal developers touting it as the second coming.

So with Kojima saying this you get intrigued.

Then again I don't care much for developers/producers talking smack about other products. With that I'm disappointed with Kojima's statement.

You can't also help but wonder that with his Japanese culture and their views of gaming being far different from the western views, that this statement stems from that.

Whatever though, Just announce MGS5 and MGS HD Collection already!

Mystogan4794d ago

The multiplayer is cool but Story is ridiculous i agree.

pain777pas4794d ago

Rynx, when the Kojimas and Jaffes of the world talk who have consistently made outstanding games it is good for the developers to read this who are making the game they are criticizing. Usually there will be some truth in their critique and could be helpful especially with the solid mechanics and gameplay seen in Crysis. Kojima is a genius and trully should be lauded because his games are much deeper than they appear.

Bereaver4794d ago

Well, those that know MGS can really understand what I mean when I say..... of course every storyline seems stereotyped when it comes to his mind. He's a genius.

Istanbull4794d ago

Kojima is right, MGS series put the standard so high in story telling that everything less is ridicilous.

Now give us MGS5 goddamit!

kneon4794d ago

I wasn't a fan of the first Crysis as I found it rather dull, but not really ridiculous, I'd be surprised if the sequel is.

But I find his criticism kind of funny as I found MGS4 to be rather ridiculous. Who came up with some of these characters? A 10 year old?

My first PS3 was the MGS4 bundle and I've yet to finish the game. I don't get the fanaticism about this game.

Man In Black4794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

The first and third games are my favourite in terms of plot, but the second and fourth games get needless convoluted a lot of the time. Still better than most games out there, but people praise MGS4's story like it's the second coming.

gaffyh4794d ago

@kneon - Basically because you don't understand the story. It is clear that you've not played any game in the MGS series before, and MGS4 is the culmination of MGS1 and MGS2, so you really should play those games before playing MGS4.

I can understand what Kojima is talking about, the story in Crysis wasn't great, so I wouldn't expect the second game's to be any better. But I wouldn't go as far as to call it a ridiculous game, because it is still pretty fun to play.

nix4794d ago

ha ha but dont worry 'reviewers' will find it awesome. i agree with Kojima.

Man In Black4794d ago

@Gaffyh - Thing is, while the story in MGS4 is good, it doesn't come close to the previous games, with poor tying up of plot threads (NANOMACHINES) and irritatingly indulgent cutscenes that were a step back from MGS3's more balanced cutscene to gameplay ratio.

Graey4794d ago

@ Rynx

I would say it wouldn't matter to much where your from. As a lot of people like say, DMC, Marvel VS Capcom, FF series.

People know quality regardless of where your from. I would think Kojima-san would know this above a lot of other people.



Crysis is a complete ridiculous joke! Without Metal Gear, the game would have never existed (and many many others by the way), the WHOLE game is based on a stupid non epic looking nano suit!!!
They only copied an infinitesimal part of the Metal Gear story, made it look vulgar and silly and based AN ENTIRE game on it!!!
Maximum damage and epic fail !

undercovrr4794d ago

Damn right stan lee. Well what do you expect, this is N4G for you.

deafwing4794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

this must be

"i'm a game director, time to let my feelings known week"

wtf first cliffy running his stupid mouth about a glow stick now this ... really guys, he's Japanese? Who's to say the person who posted this here, didn't do so not understand the context of the interview/comment made by Kojima ... fed up of this stupid articles on here.

MitchGE4794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

@ Rynx

And MGS4 trophies. If we get a MGS Collection with MGS 1-3 remastered in HD with trophies, I want platinums for the entire series. MGS is worth the effort.

This also gets me thinking, what if they used MGS Twin Snakes as MGS1? Hmmm. Not that likely, but still worth considering!

Soldierone4794d ago

Ive been saying this since they first showed gameplay, which had very few enemies on screen and looked dull. Ill still check it out, but im not expecting greatness.

RedDead4794d ago

Story wise MGS3>MGS1>MGS4=MGS2

starchild4794d ago

Kojima should shut his mouth. At least that is what PS3 fanboys would say if he wasn't associated with the PS3.

Redman224794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

bubbs+ to you StanLee. ; )

placed my pre-order in yesterday. we'll see how things go with the demo.


chillout man, that's just unnecessary.

MaxXAttaxX4794d ago

I knew I wasn't the only one, lmao

BattleAxe4794d ago

I liked Crysis and Crysis: Warhead, and I will be buying Crysis 2, but Kojima is right when he says that there isn't much of a story. Its just a fun shooter with really good graphics....not that theres anything wrong with that.

jjohan354794d ago

Is he talking about Crysis 1 or 2?

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dc14794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

Clearly this is a translation issue. He clearly states that Crysis "Is one of the most fun games".

However, I would gladly give someone I worm free tomato if they could make sense of the remaining article.. it is very hard to bare out the true intent.

I would also add that it's not Kojima style to bash another developer's product.