An Open Letter Regarding…Fallout: New Vegas

Another installment in Pixel Apocalypse's Open Letter series. This time around the target is Fallout: New Vegas.

"Back in October of 2008 I played through the campaign of Fallout 3 and was absolutely enthralled with the game. The scope of the story, the realistic portrayal of a Washington D.C. in ruin, and the sheer amount of freedom left a huge impression on me..."

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Simco8762784d ago

Fallout 4 will be amazing. New Vegas was a filler between titles.

I enjoyed New Vegas, but I question getting the DLC. With so many other games out and to finish... It was just like a trip to Vegas. You had a good time... but wouldn't want to live there.

skottey2784d ago

He played for a few hours, put it in the sleeve and sent it on its way to Gamefly. He isn't a true fan of Fallout.

A true fan BOUGHT the game at midnight at Gamestop and popped it in as soon as they could. A true fan pre-ordered and bought the special edition and book.

This game is great. I have put in well over 200 hours.

Yes, there were problems when it was released broken on all platforms but all or most have by now been addressed.

Only now am I getting bored with the game. I loved Mass Effect 2 as well but put in far less than 200 hours total.

How do you put a value on a game? Well, I spent maybe $100 on the special edition and hardcover book. So I have paid only 50 cents an hour for entertainment. It doesn't get any cheaper than that.

Gamefly is nice for games you think or know are going to be so-so. I got sick of buying games that were garbage and joined Gamefly. I too have popped games back in the sleeve and sent them on their way in as little as 10 minutes (i.e. that recent Metroid game for wii). But seriously, if he loved Fallout 3 as much as he says he would have bought the game right away. He really doesn't get it.

christheredhead2784d ago

just because you buy the game at midnight and buy the special ultra collectors edition doesnt necessarily mean you're a true fan, im just saying. im a huge fan of fallout but i dont plan on buying new vegas till the ultimate edtion comes out cause theres gonna be so much dlc down the road. i might as well save my money for now.

on a side note, its a bummer you sent metroid back only 10 minutes in. you missed out on the entire game. the first 10 is such a small window in terms of the full adventure.

skottey2784d ago

I am a true fan and dreamed about New Vegas from the announcement until release. I was counting the days.

Anyway, even if I was wrong about Metroid, a game just has to be really good for me to play it on the wii and like Monster Hunter Tri, it didn't do it for me fast enough (cannot believe the writer of this story said the same about New Vegas). I cannot stand the SD graphics on my huge HD screen in comparison to something released on the 360 or PS3. Sure, I played through the New Super Mario Brothers but the gameplay bar is set really high for me due to the failings of the Graphics on the wii.

I can only forgive the graphics and sound if the gameplay hooks me.

rmatott2784d ago

I absolutely loved Fallout 3, I BOUGHT fall out NV, and was bored with it. I totally agree with the article, after ME2 and Dragon Age, Fallout just seems slow, boring, and weak...I will always look forward to a new Fallout, but to get me excited i need for them to drastically improve on Fallout 4 or whatever its called.

plumber152784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

i was visa versa i was bored with fallout 3 but loved NV , i like NV because of the hoarding and the collecting and the aspect of having a safe house to put every thing that i collect in the house . What bugged me about NV is i couldn't play on after i beat it , i couldn't roam around anymore .

skottey2784d ago

Dragon Age? I put in a good 40 hours but it just felt clunky and wrong. Didn't finish it or buy any of the DLC. I kept going back to Demon's Souls in that time frame. A real game.

ME2. Sure that was great and Dragon Age 2 might be because it is more like the Mass Effect series. But no, not Dragon Age 1.

palaeomerus2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Ugh. Pixel Apocaplypse is such a shitty, useless site.

Coke-a-Cola2784d ago

Oh ......Ya ......... I played for ten minute and I can tell you all you need to know .
why would he admit such a thing if he wants to be taken seriously ,.

Yes .......less bugs and faster load times would be great but I certainly do not
regret picking it up . Some very Very good writing and environments to enjoy .

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