Pokémon Black and White: What Are the Differences?

DHGF: We all know the drill – with each generational release of a Pokémon game, we are greeted by different cart variations whose only real differences have some Pokémon that are exclusive to each cart. Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire took it to another level by having two different teams that you do battle with in Team Aqua and Team Magma, but for the most it has come down to which exclusive Pokémon are the more interesting to the game. Well here in Pokémon Back & White, you’ll discover that each game actually has their own exclusive area as well, meaning that for the first time, you’re getting exclusive content in addition to battles and Pokémon on the same cart. Now it may not be enough to entice a gamer to purchase both Pokémon Black AND White since it is still 95% the same game fundamentally, so read on to see the differences between both games and which one sounds like the best for you!

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