Diehard GameFAN: Pokémon Black & White Review

DHGF: Although I can’t say that Pokémon Black and White are as good as any of the Johto or Sinnoh region titles, I can say that either Generation V title is a lot of fun and well worth playing. Although the game has removed some features like your lead Pokémon following behind your trainer or the recent Pokethlon, it’s added new ones like fully animated battles and Pokémon musicals. It’s also expanded on the 3D graphics we first saw in the Distortion World and applied them to things like diving beneath the sea or walking through regular areas. The main game is a lot easier than previous titles, with Gym Leaders and Elite Four members sporting both weaker and fewer Pokémon. However once the credits roll, you find the post game offers a few (but only a few) pretty big challenges to overcome. Pokémon Black and White isn’t the best entry into the core Pokémon RPG series, but it is a fun one and something most Pokémon fans will delight in.

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