Raining on my parade

Wait…what? Only 72% of players finished Heavy Rain? Excuse me for being a bit jaded, but aren’t gamers supposed to finish the games they are playing? Are we such spoilt bastards that we don’t even finish games anymore? And when did this become a trend?

I suppose for a bit of clarity, we need to examine what it means to finish a game. According to my Xbox Achievement list, I finished the original Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth. It’s not something that I’m terribly proud of, but gamers will know exactly why I played it. Avatar TLA TBE is one of two games on that list, the other being EA Sports Fight Night Round 3.

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Ognipode2837d ago

People need to stop running out and buying crap rehashes and actually sit and finish some of the great games that they already have.