GameSpot: Guild Wars 2 Hands-On - The Norn Race, The Guardian Profession, and the Thief Revealed

A lot of people are looking forward to Guild Wars 2 and with good reason. While developer Arena Net admits the original game wasn't a massively multiplayer game, it was still a very popular online role-playing game with plenty of intriguing meta-game strategy. Guild Wars 2, on the other hand, will be a full-blown massively multiplayer game with giant, open worlds that act as shared spaces for however many players end up playing.

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DanSolo2785d ago

I would love it if this came to PS3.... but at the same time I am half hoping it doesn't as it will just take up too much of my time!

Spinal2785d ago

This on a console would mean Dumbing the game down. So no Thanks. There is a Good reason Blizzard never made WoW for consoles and its the same reason Many MMO developers don't make their MMO's for consoles.

Even tho it could mean more money, they don't do it cause MMO's were not built for the console environment and it would not translate nicely at all using a game pad to imitate a keyboard an mouse. Quick typing and sending messages is Hell on console and even looking at a chat window on a 32" HD tv is Hell!! I got DCUO on ps3 trust me i see the HUGE difference between that and WoW on my PC.

DanSolo2784d ago

Well the thing is it really doesn't matter to a PC user if it got ported to PS3 as it has already been developed on PC so it would make zero difference to the people playing it on PC.
It would be 2 separate entities!

But a good non-subscription MMO on PS3 would be a great thing. And it wouldn't be a hard thing to implement KB/M support as it's already available but rarely implemented on PS3. Plus as it would be played on separate servers from the PC then it wouldn't matter about the controls being adapted slightly to fit a joypad.

I can understand your argument if it meant the PC version would suffer because of the port.... but it wouldn't.... and the extra money they made from the PS3 version would only help ensure continued support for the game.... which judging from the original GW should already be pretty good!

Spinal2784d ago

See what ur not taking into account is development time. For example if they had a patch being developed for one they wont want to disappoint their console customers so a patch that can be simply applied to pc would cause for a seperate development and testing for console also doubling the time the patch should have been released. Having to factor console players and pc players is alot of work for devs an probably not worth the hassle. Thats why its unlikely that u will ever see SWtor and guild wars 2 on console. They see why WoW is doing so well an its cause full concerntration for PC users only. Guild wars 1 was alrdy a success check pc most selling game of all time charts. Gw1 is like number 7. And it was pc only. They dont need console customers

maawdawg2785d ago

This game is one of the reasons I just built a new gaming PC. If GW2 and Diablo 3 both hit this year I don't know how I am going to manage to fit them both into my gaming time.

I can't wait to get a look at this at PAX next weekend.

Spinal2785d ago

Can't wait for this game. Planning to play a Charr Warrior.

This and Diablo 3 is all i need for 2011-2020 lool.

Considering i been playing WoW since 2005.....Hmmm..