Latest HDTVs revive 3D magic

Television tech-heads in San Antonio have more acronyms to add to the alphabet soup of high-definition viewing.
Friday morning, they got their first chance to see 3D HDTV featuring DLP technology by Texas Instruments (or TI). High-end electronics retailer Bjorn's arranged the demonstration Friday and today for customers.

Three-dimensional programs "jump" off the screen and have the depth and layers that you don't get with conventional television viewing. It's like the 3D films you've seen in the past, but the picture is crisper and the glasses are a lot more high-tech.

Store owner Bjorn Dybdahl said he saw the technology in January and again in March, and he has been bugging TI to show it off.

"You're the first in Texas and the U.S. and probably the world to see this from a retail standpoint," he said to about 30 people in a trailer provided by Mitsubishi Electric. Mitsubishi and Samsung sell the only 3D-capable HDTVs.

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Omegasyde4035d ago

yea would be nice if you didn't have to wear the glasses though!

Maddens Raiders4035d ago

In this day and age it would seem that losing the goofy 3-d glasses would be an attainable goal. Maybe not. I have a Mitsu DLP and it's great w/o the 3-D feature. Having to wear glasses to pick up the difference sounds fun for a while, but in the longrun seems a little gimmicky.

jXales4035d ago

It is attainable.

Phillips already have a 3D HDTV set that shows 3D without needing to wear glasses. However they cost up on the 80.000$ and are only in a few places in the world such as las vegas casinos and disney florida i believe. Check the link.