Exclusive Interview: we chat to Digital Extremes' Sheldon Carter about The Darkness II

Lazygamer bags 15 minutes to grill Project Director Sheldon Carter on Digital Extremes' upcoming The Darkness II.

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WobblyOnion2789d ago

Sweet interview! I remain cautiously optimistic about this, despite the new developers. The original was great. Flawed, but great.

ianfelmore2789d ago

Agreed. The worst thing for me about the last one was the empty streets with hardly any inhabitants. Removed you from the game. But I am looking forward to giving this one a go, great interview!

granthinds2789d ago

Ye, i like to give developers the benefit of the doubt, so we'll see. That said, they need to step up.

Mikit07072789d ago

It sounds as if it's going to be stepped up big-time. Love the sound of the "Graphic Noire" art directions; giving the awesome comic book vibe!

granthinds2789d ago

I know it really needs that. Very few games have been able to accurately depict the art direction of any style of comic. I want to be immersed.

Ognipode2789d ago

I was a fan of the first game but that's no to say that it wasn't a very flawed experience. I hope these guys do it justice and really bring the right vibe to the table. In my opinion, don't even think about multiplayer just focus on single player

granthinds2789d ago

And i must say it's rad that African gaming media platforms are getting awesome exclusives.