The Fancy Pants Adventures GDC2011 Trailer released

DasReviews writes: "Fancy Pants Adventures features Fancy Pants Man as the playable character of the series. He is a two dimensional stick figure with spiky, choppy hair, wearing only a pair of triangular-shaped pants. (original pants’ colour is orange). Fancy Pants Man’s home is Squiggleville, a small country town run by the Mayor (first introduced in World 2). Players guide Fancy Pants Man through open levels which feature obstacles to overcome and enemies to avoid or defeat.

EA released today its GDC2011 trailer that you can view after the jump. The Fancy Pants Adventures is scheduled for release in Spring 2011 for X360 and PS3!"

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DEADEND2784d ago

This a day one for me.

DangerTick2784d ago

I'm curious what the changes are compared to the flash version (which you can play for free). Is this a sequel? Why should I buy this over playing the flash version? Questions like these would have to be answered before I decide to buy it or not.

Tommykrem2784d ago

Didn't even know this was coming! Awesome!

dirthurts2784d ago

You can play this for pc for free...
All day long.

Tommykrem2779d ago

Only catch is that it's on the PC :(

No, Just kidding. I'm sure this version will offer more than the free flash version though.