Toshiro Tsuchida (Front Mission creator, FFXIII battle director) leaves Square Enix

Hiroaki Kusano (a designer on the Front Mission series before he left Square Enix) has tweeted that his ex-boss, Toshiro Tsuchida, the creator of Front Mission, has left Square Enix.

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TheColbertinator2786d ago

That certainly sucks.I loved Front Mission but I hated the battle system of FFXIII.Still he clearly has left his mark in the RPG historical archives.

hay2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Whoah, Tsuchida now? Seriously, Square Enix is falling apart. Who's next? Nomura?
I hope he'll create his own studio and return to classic Front Mission style games.

limewax2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Hell, Im glad this guy has gone, The battle system was one of FFXIII major downfalls, Maybe the next battle director will have some vision of what RPG's are.

That said he has been a vital role in a lot of my favourite games, So I hope he goes to mystwalker and gets back to what RPGs are about

koehler832786d ago


I'm sure everything you've done in your life is a flawless masterpiece.

limewax2786d ago

LOL and im sure that pointing that out makes you a step above me. Of course it isnt, but if you honestly didnt expect more from SE then I cant imagine you played their older games

koehler832786d ago

You can't imagine I've played anything from Square Enix before Final Fantasy XIII? In all that gray matter, you can't possibly conceive of me playing any of it? Nor can you conceive of a human being having a little compassion toward the failings of another, accepting it as THE PAST and moving on? Though for some reason you can conceive of someone starting at series at the thirteenth entry.

Or is that the best justification you can come up with? If someone doesn't wish unemployment on those that have made a mistake or two, obviously they could never have played something good by that same person.

The guy created Front Mission. He's worked on both FFX and XI, which I love. He's likely made Square Enix more money than he's ever cost them, which is all that can be asked of anyone.

If FFXIII is his swan song, it's unfortunate. But only because his next endeavor may have been the best thing the company has ever produced.

RedDead2786d ago

That's not all he did. He directed Front mission series, alot of people love those games. Also battle director of FFX which I liked.

FMfan762786d ago

Nah, he's more likely to revive his old studio, G-Craft, which was absorbed by Square when they realized Front Mission was worth the money. Not sure what kind of games he might make, but he sure won't be sticking to TBS/SRPG games.

Fact is, Tsuchida (and the rest of his team) are action/shooter specialists; Front Mission and Arc the Lad are their ONLY offerings outside of their action/shooter portfolio that includes Cybernator and Einhander. So if anything, he'll go back to his roots or experiment some more. His last credited game was a hybrid puzzle/shooter so I'm thinking more experiments.

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Perkel2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

what the hell you people talkin about ? :>

Battles were best in series of FF.

Every fan and every magazine site were talking about how good this system is.

It's best battle system out of all JRPGs

Yeah auto battle is weird but after while u will use it to fight all common enemies and auto battle will get you nowhere with better fights.

Combine it with paradigm shifts and battle system is very very very fun and challengin

limewax2786d ago

I agree to an extent, The battle system was very close to being the best out there, the only problem was even if you stopped using auto battle it wasnt free enough due to a lack of spells etc.

I really think though that an evolved version could have been the best. But I think it needs slowing down a bit, and more character interaction during the fighting rather than just chaining (e.g. fang and light in using commando on an airborne enemy, fang smashes down, light waits at the bottom to return the enemy to the skies)

The system was riddled with unused potential I personall think

2786d ago
sjaakiejj2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Not quite the best - there wasn't enough freedom, and the speed of battles left you with too little time to be strategic. On top, I hated not being able to control the other characters, and dying if my leader died.

I felt FFX had a great battle system, and I liked its summons better as well. (Striving away from the Battle System) On top, FFX had loads of secret areas and weapons, none of which could be found in FFXIII. That was my personal biggest disappointment in FFXIII.

Anyway, at least it was better than the mess that was FFXII. Didn't even get myself to finish that one..

midgard2272786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

people are noobs and only judge the first 2 hours of the game, thats why they complain about auto battle and think thats how the whole game is played. if they actually fought a boss they would know autobattle means death, game was very tactical and i sometimes even had to switch team members to win a battle.

game had other short comings, i dont think it was the battle system. people just think its cool to hate on a popular series yet no one complains of that garbage combat from dragon age 2. i dont understand

oddly enough I luv the materia and junction system of ff7 and 8. the leveling in this game was pretty bad and linear and only 1 limit break per character that u get near end of game was lame too but i can tell the ff13 system can be alot better, hope they show it in FF13-2

2786d ago
Perkel2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

@ sjaakiejj

That system is strategic !

Fighting without strategy will give you nothing in this game. In later parts tactic is everything. Even most badass equipment is nothing if you fight this game without tactic.

You won't kill anyone without staggering him.

About FFX. Go play FFX and try to tell me that system is good. It is that slow. I have like 150h in it and i killed half of dark aeons. My tidus has everything 255 and the game is a chore now after playing FFXIII.

Problem in FFXIII is that it is very linear like FFX but there is no additional sidequests only hunts. You don't find by quests best weapons but you make them. That is my problem.

And story is actually good IMO after second play :)

@ limewax

There is less content in therm of spells but you can't agree that those spells are meaningless like any other FF.

In this game you use all spells not just most powerfull like firaga,

When you last time in FFX used fire ? At the begging. In FFXIII you are using it everytime combined with fira and firaga.

Same with any other spell. After 80h in FF8 do u use shield magic or hmm.. cure ?

In FFXIII there are less spells but you use them all the time. And that is in my opinion why this system trumphs all other systems

I also want to see evolved versiuon of this it'll be mindblowing.

@ Ps3thebest

try that later in the game. Especially on Pulse. Good luck !

Perkel2786d ago

@ Reddeaddestroyer2

I agree with everything you said. I also had hard times with it through the pulse.

My tip: End the game.

Problem lies in FFXIII in bad editing. Story isn't messed up same as characters. The director of cutscenes and story isjust idiot. They should used 13 days as starting point to fabula. What they did is basically cuting it and messing this up.

They should straight tell you about all 13 days one after another and you would get idea for sometimes stupid behavior of main characters.

I hated Snow i hated Vanille and hatted Hope. After my second playtrought i like them all.

Snow is just a funny jerk and a hero as he claim te be is just a mask to hid his emotions.

Vanille for almost all game is some idiot but this carefree style is also a part of her mask to hide hher feelings. For spoiler reasons i don't want to ruin your experience so i won't talk about her more.

Hope is acrtually most reasonable character of all staf. He see Snow as jerk , Vanille as idiot and hhe is a kid.

As i said earlier problem lies with bad directing of story. Same is with all fabula nova crystalis world. In game there a lot of things you don't know until you read it about on wikia.FFXIII.

Story is good and worth of ending it.

Darrius Cole2786d ago


I actually played mostly all of Gran Pulse with the idea of level grinding so that I wouldn't be too weak for the boss battles that were obviously coming after.

The game however, didn't get any better after that. The freedom of Gran Pulse was the high point of the game. There are tons of weapons and items that I wanted to come back and unlock/find/create but there is no point to finding them if I have beat game and there are no character based side missions, only monster hunts.

I thought the battle systems was okay but this was my first Final Fantasy so I can only compare it to the other RPGs that I have played.

sjaakiejj2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )


"Fighting without strategy will give you nothing in this game. In later parts tactic is everything. Even most badass equipment is nothing if you fight this game without tactic. "
I know, that's why I'm disappointed that the game gave you so little time to be strategic.

"About FFX. Go play FFX and try to tell me that system is good. It is that slow. I have like 150h in it and i killed half of dark aeons. My tidus has everything 255 and the game is a chore now after playing FFXIII. "
I played the game, for over 150h like you. The battle system was completely based on strategy, and gave you time to plan what you were doing next. I agree that it's slow, but it's better because it does give you the time to actually choose your options.

"Problem in FFXIII is that it is very linear like FFX but there is no additional sidequests only hunts. You don't find by quests best weapons but you make them. That is my problem."
FFX isn't that linear, of course there are places on which it's rather linear, but it always left space open for exploration. You can also return to almost any location you have visited before. Besides that, I quite agree with what you said, and indeed I too feel that the lack of proper side-quests and secrets hurt FFXIII.

"And story is actually good IMO after second play :)"
I enjoyed the story as well, hated Barthendelus though. You had to kill him a million times and he'd still live.

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Stealth20k2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

great now maybe they can make a real front mission ie front misison 6 and not that shovelware shooter that this guy helped make that was a stain on the front mission series.

And I am sure the battle system of ff 13-2 will be loads better.

FMfan762786d ago

FM actually wasn't supposed to continue beyond FM5. It was planned to have only 10 games (1/2/3/4/5/2089/2089-II/Altern ative/Gun Hazard/Online), ending at FM5...FME was never supposed to exist. SE just wanted to cash in on the FM name without consulting Tsuchida or any of the actual FM devs themselves. Read, all the juicy details are there.

zackacloud2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Shit Shit

Why he didn't leave before Final Fantasy XIII ?

I always want know what was the problem or the wrong of amazing battle system they showed in 2008 Trailer

He just Destroy the Orginal and leave before XIII-2

Now I can build a hope on FFXIII-2 battle system

Please SE want action in gameplay not in cutscenes

maxcer2786d ago

square died when Sakaguchi left the company, no way around it

Vesemir2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Tsc.... I'm sad. The gaming industry is getting weird by the day.

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