Rift Collector’s Edition Encounters Issues

Set for release across North America and Europe this week, Trion Worlds has revealed that the Collector’s Edition of the highly-anticipated Rift has suffered a setback. Originally intended to be bundled with an 8GB Rift-branded USB Flash Drive, it now appears that the Rift Collector’s Edition will not ship with the bonus included.

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Too_many_games2786d ago

such a fail game, played for 2 days then sold account on Ebay..back to WoW i go

DimSix2786d ago

i've been playing it for a week now and its really amazing. WoW isn't good from levels 1-60, or even 60-79 if we're really getting technical.

Trust me, Rift is a really sick game that rewards player skill instead of timesinks.

Dimroot - Dantes

JD_Shadow2786d ago

They should at least make a trial so you will know if you're even going to like the game enough to commit to all of what they are asking you to commit to if you want to play it. The beta was closed for a while, and the open beta wasn't enough time (by the time I knew there WAS a beta, it was closed). They they give incentive for people who pre-ordered (as in, commit before you know anything...which meant you needed to be in beta enough to know enough about the game to WANT it badly enough...or blindly commit).

It's like they are telling you to switch MMOs based on word of mouth alone. I'm sure it could be a good game, but they need to stop thinking that just because someone is tired of the WoW experience that they are just going to blindly switch to Rift. You need to tell people what you're bringing to the table that hasn't been done before. From what I've seen, it looks nice, the endgame content seems to have something good going for it, and though there could be balance issues in PvP and other things, difficulty seems good and balanced and fair.

The problem is that we have fanboys killing any interest before it even gets out because them, and Trion, are treating this as the best thing since sliced bread. Give me a reason to think that your game is any better and not just copying what everyone else is doing without making any improvements to what you ARE copying, THEN we can talk. It's obvious as to who you're targeting, and that's okay (though I could've done without that commercial tag line since it seemed to be more cocky than confident).

But please, give us a bit of showing of what your game even IS first. Nothing you've done outside of giving beta access has done that yet.

bwazy2786d ago

This game will go the way of Aion. Look like a promising (yet familiar) alternative to WoW, then completely bomb.

Innovation > Immitation

Baka-akaB2786d ago

preisely i'm sorry but i'm seeing and hearing the same stuff that aion promised and delivered .

I'll remain skeptical , and if proven wrong later on , then it will be great .

Big_Mex2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Been enjoying it so far, got my healer up to 37. As far as immitation goes dont games in the same genre always copy off each other? WoW will stay strong because of the amount of time people have put into characters and the friends theyve made on there. I love and play both games (WoW and Rift) but im not gonna delude myself into thinking ones better than the other. They are both amazing games in their own right,I don't see why people want one game to win over another or why they even give a shit other than to have something to argue about because in the end we gamers are the ones who end up winning. Most appealing thing about RIFT to me is that there arent 1832109 add ons to make the game super easy or a million websites to show u where everything is located or tankspot having step by step videos spoon feeding you fights (aka the unknown)...i know it'll get to the point if this game is successful where they'll be a million things to aid you in your journey but right now im havin a good time exploring the world and finding shit out on my own. No biases when it comes to gaming, as long as its good I'll be playing it

Baka-akaB2786d ago

this isnt about one winning over the other . I couldnt give a sh*t about that .

It's obvious that some were to invested , time and money wise into wow or any other game to let go easily .

My prob along with a few other guys , is that we are burned out . Tired of seeing the same mold and template , when there is so much new thing to do .

Wich is why , i'll wish rift the best , thought not convinced so far , and look out for something new elsewhere .

Big_Mex2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

since ive started playin WoW and mmo's in general i havent really seen anything "new" or dramatically different in any of them. If your "burned out" you've prolly been playing these types of games longer than i have (little over a year for WoW)and yah if this was all I played then id get burned out too especially cuz the only difference between any of them is lore/gear/talents/endgame content. As far as the actual gameplay of the mmo's i have played anyway all of them have the same fight (enemy/boss) mechanics which anyone whos been playin games in the past few years can pick up on in a heartbeat as they get recycled with different names/animations. Maybe ill get this way where i demand something revolutionary to keep playing em but i don't think i ever will as i spread out my gaming across all genres so maybe i wont get burned out as fast. Perfect gaming day Mario galaxy 2/Demons Souls/Halo: Reach/Starcraft 2/RIFT or WoW. Also, Baka you came in late to the comment party so nothing i said was directed towards you, was to the other guys above who obviously got some biases against this game :)