The Gunstringer - Eurogamer hands on

EG writes: "I have reasons to suspect that Twisted Pixel may be an uncommonly classy studio. Alongside the fact the team's quietly worked from the depths of contract development all the way up to making lovely original games like 'Splosion Man, it's also dealt rather elegantly with prickly issues such as hit-and-run iPhone clones released by major publishers. Now it's dealt rather elegantly with Kinect, too, creating a rough-housing arcade shooter that boasts – among many delightful features – the ability to play it sitting down. Go, Texas."

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kasasensei2787d ago

One of the only kinect games i want to play. :D
Splosion man & Comic Jumper were really good games.

Masterchef20072787d ago

It will be a great title for people who enjoy Kinect. But as for me for on rails shooters i prefer TimeCrysis over this title.

FailOverHero2786d ago

Soooo. . .you've played this then?

Masterchef20072786d ago

Yeah i actually did and i prefer time crysis