GR UK: Rift review

Gamereactor writes: "Telara in itself is a wonder to behold. From the high fantasy feel of the Guardians' villages and towns, to the steam-punk machinery of their rival faction Defiants, there are few virtual worlds that I have been looking this much forward to exploring. The world might not be as big as in some other MMOs, and doesn't offer up that many different zones, but there's still a lot to see here. The graphics and the design are all top-notch, and while some might miss the more extraordinary armors or weapons from games like World of Warcraft, I love the more down to earth feel of Rift. It feels more real than Azeroth ever did, and the desperation of the people living here is much easier to relate to as a result."

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Spinal2790d ago

I played the Beta it's a decent game. Seems like a mix of WoW/Warhammer and Aion. Mainly Warhammer.

It's not something that would make me stick to it. So I won't be buying the game.

I'm gonna wait for Guild Wars 2, SWTOR and Diablo 3.

Miths2790d ago

I love the game so far. I'm not a particularly social person so I usually solo 99% of the time in MMOs, but the huge and frequent rift and invasion events - with a big "join public group button" when you get close - and the quick and easy public group option for regular questing, are quickly changing my usual habits.

kuroukage2789d ago

Exactly. Because playing a MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER online game means theres no reason to play with other people and it's just to solo. Oh wait a sec..didn't they call those RPGs? :P

Miths2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

The real world is also "massively multiplayer", but that doesn't mean that some of us can't get most things done without a group of other people in tow :).

I'm a big fan of singleplayer RPGs as well, but MMOs attract for similar reasons that I like taking a stroll through downtown - there are many other people around in a persistent world. That doesn't however mean that I necessarily feel compelled to actively interact with most or even any of those people.