Fun with Heavy Rain: PlayStation Move Edition

Upon the release of the PlayStation Move peripheral, Sony decided to use one of their hallmarks of cinematic gaming to feature the motion functionality. Hit the jump for all the waggly-wiggly JASON-based goodness.

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DanSolo2783d ago

I just recently rented Heavy Rain and played it with Move and I enjoyed it!

It's a good and different type of game, and I think being played with Move definately is the way to go.
I don't think it is a game worth more than a rent though, as one play through was enough for me and that is easily accomplished in a rental!

Anyone who has Move though and hasn't played this game before, I'd recommend getting your ass out to rent it as it is something a bit different!

Cerberus21252783d ago

I know and understand that different strokes for different folks,but,"I don't think it is a game worth more than a rent though"?.LMFAO.

Corrwin2783d ago

Well even David Cage said people should play it once, because that experience would be quite unique to you, and to play it again may spoil it.

Personally I played it a couple of times just to see how different the endings were.

Corrwin2783d ago

Funny... but isn't this stuff you could do with the regular version of Heavy Rain?

NinjaCameraman2783d ago

Alot of tbe movements were almost instant with a controller because of the short distance the stick needs to move, the Move has to travel a little bit further so there are a few more chances to screw with the animations.

My favorite parts are when they pause while doing something like with the cabinet.

BlackTar1872783d ago

what i thought of when i saw that picture lol for this article.

Yes im an adult with the mind of a 13yr old

JohnnyMann4202783d ago

JASON! ....jason!.....jaSON!....JAson !...JAAAAASOOOOOON!