Only triple-A NGP games will appear on High Street

SCEE President Andrew House told MCV that the blockbuster NGP games, such as Uncharted and Call of Duty, will be released on store shelves at the same time as they will be made available digitally. But he predicted smaller games will only be released through the console’s download service.

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remanutd552785d ago

well NGP better have at least 32 gb built in , i wouldnt mind if its 64 lol

remanutd552785d ago

im planning on buying almost all the games they have showed , Uncharted , Resistance , Little Deviants , Wipeout , Killzone and of course Sackboy's next adventure are no brainer , they are on my NGP must buy games but i want to see more about Broken , Gravity Daze and Reality Fighters