Battlefield 3: Dice talks Multiplayer-Bots, Call of Duty and Singleplayer

Here's an interview with Patrick Bach from Dice. He talks abouzt Multiplayer-Bots, Call of Duty and the Singleplayer-Campaign. Don't worry. It's written in english although on a german site.

chak_4593d ago (Edited 4593d ago )

oh nomnomnom

can't wait, my PC is boiling, roll on fall !!

And this is a very interesting interview BTW

evrfighter4593d ago (Edited 4593d ago )

"Patrick Bach: This is the truth: All multiplayer games that have a server have problems with it if the game is popular. We actually had five times the traffic than we planned for which meant that we had to scale up five times in about two months. It costs a lot of money and energy to scale up that fast. "

I love my Battlefield but their server browser issues have gone back to day 1 of the franchise. From laggy to freezing menu's, random ctd's to server's not popping up or taking minutes to load. These were more core game issue's rather than not having enough servers...

Coffin874593d ago

"Sebastian Stange: You dont think that there are a lot of players out there wanting to see something?

Patrick Bach: In general people used to have trust because we at Dice have been building Battlefield for so many years. We are using the same team and the same designers. It's the same people building it. We won't screw up completely. We know this shit."

Hehe this has, indeed, raised my anticipation right there to new heights.

TKN844593d ago

Cant wait for fall 2011...

I_C_PEE4593d ago

Lol. Dice aint fkng around. B3 gona bring the pain.

ivant4593d ago

"...And also because the frostbite 2 engine is build from the ground up to fit on all of this the platforms. So the streaming system, the animation system everything is build to scale no matter what platform you're on.,,,"

Good news to hear. The PC will definitely be the best version but us console gamers will still get a very decent product considering our older tech.

Very informative interview.


Ya gotta luv da Swedes.

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hmmm I think there will be no old BF glory days for EA since they are loyal to their greediness and laziness :D

Knightofelemia319d ago

You're asking for a miracle with EA that will never happen unless they can exploit the money making schemes behind it.

MadLad319d ago

We'll see what happens now that Zampella is overlooking the series.

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Father__Merrin319d ago

Anyone that wants to plat bf3 you can still go ahead and play it