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Since Killzone’s first appearance back on the PS2, the game has sucked me in. I fell in love with the storyline, particularly the Helghast, and the admiration continued. I was fortunate enough to be able to pick up Killzone 3 on launch day, and I have been playing it almost nonstop since (no thanks to Minecraft). The game definitely improves on its predecessor in almost every aspect, and it provides a great storyline to stay involved in. Make sure you refill your ammo, and let’s get into my Killzone 3 review.

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Buho2784d ago

Excellent review, I can't wait to pick up my copy of KZ3 on the weekend! :D

maverick402784d ago

You will love it!It is truly an amazing game. Operations is also the best mp mode i have ever played.

killcycle2783d ago

I disagree, Cut scenes every couple of minutes?
It's my least favourite mode.

The other two are great though =)

pixelsword2783d ago

You only get a cutscene after accomplishing or failing an objective, not every few minutes; and they don't last around what, 8-15 seconds depending on the scene?

dc12783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Mechanically, it’s the best FPS I have ever played and the MP is fantastic. You will not be disappointed.

To pixelsword's point. The cut scenes only appear after each chapter and segment transition (and to be quite honest... they are very much welcomed after the intense action.. I’m currently playing through the elite campaign). The story line is progressive and adequate (looking forward to a better screen writer for KZ4).

Strange_Evil2783d ago

Ya the game is pretty great.. I actually went in playing the single player accepting that I would be disappointed after the countless reviews, but loved it a lot. It's 100 times better than any recent COD that's for sure....

And the multi-player is a blast as well.