Donkey Kong Returns Sequel Could Happen

Not only was it a great game, but it just felt so right that there should be a 'number 2' already in the works. Whilst this news doesn't confirm one, it does give me some hope it could.

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shadowknight2032789d ago

I see it now...
Donkey Kong
Returns Again

followed by Diddy Kong Racing Returns

LoaMcLoa2789d ago

As much as I love DKR, I'd prefer another franchise or a new IP for Retrostudios to work on.

eagle212789d ago

with all the money they made off DKR they can work on multiple games now. Plus, they could make the sequel on 3DS or even next generation nintendo home console. I loved DKR and anticipate a sequel. :)

Venox20082788d ago

Retro devs are very good, they should hire more talented staff, so they could make more great games.. :)

PHOSADRA2788d ago

Donkey Kong Returns...RETURNS >:0

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