First Trailer & New Images Of The Call Of Juarez:The Cartel

during Gdc was presented the first trailer and new images on Call of Juarez: the lineup we can expect in ps3, xbox 360 and pc so this summer get ready to have a job to do here I leave you to get excited at the moment:

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Ahasverus2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I'm typically liberal about the whole "games based on heavy reality" topic, but, in my opinion, this is too far. The other criticized games were at least serious about the theme they were treating, here it's more of a cartoon about a violence that is taking THOUSANDS of innocent lives every day both mexicans and americans, they could have named it "Call of Texas" or CAll of the West but Juarez, callng it the New Wild west it's just.. gross... and you ask why americancs are hated outside, why not? some of them seem to mock and capialize on other's pain... this is not a respectful meaningful portrayal, this is a mock and a disrespect to the victims of that bloody killing in Juarez.

FailOverHero2784d ago

Why couldn't this be a 3rd person shooter? I can almost guarantee that it would make much more of an impact that way

Johandevries2784d ago

I am excited about this after all.