Batman: Arkham City Comes out on October 3

in the pages of GameStop and Amazon has unveiled the release date for the next installment of Batman for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC because the release date was published in two places at the same time you can say it a fact that the date is October 3, 2010.


release date October 3, 2011

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Brash_Attack2789d ago

I'm going to get this for myself for by brothers birthday. Happy Oct. 3rd to everybody!

multipayer2789d ago

That gives me 7 months to get over my procrastinating about finishing Arkham Asylum.

hassi942789d ago

Oh I'm exactly the same with Arkham Asylum. Not too sure why...

DEADEND2789d ago

Too many games not enough money, I'm going broke :(

Sizzon2789d ago

Nice, one of the few multiplats I'm getting this year.

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