Homefront franchise to be co-developed by THQ Montreal: 'Manhattan is an incredibly expensive place'

As heavily hinted at in comments made by Homefront devs Kaos Studios and publisher THQ eariler this year, it looks like the future of the franchise won't be created solely in The Big Apple. Senior VP of Core Studios Dave Davis spoke to the THQ Montreal/Kaos Studios collaboration during a studio head roundtable this afternoon at GDC. "Wherever the talent is, we will have our studios," Davis told us, though he admitted that "Manhattan is an incredibly expensive place." Yeah, we know all about it, Dave. He also added, "There isn't a talent pool -- most of the people we have there are imported to NYC."

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bluwulf2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I see a lot of adds and fake hype for this.

No gamers are talking about it, just media sites and billboards...

whats the deal?

edit @ below...

Like when the media hyped Kane & Lynch.. Or the Transformers games. Usually you have gamers -- who actually are into gaming -- nod/talking about games. At least discussing..

gravemaker2789d ago

what gamers supposed to say about it? its probably sleeper hit and we will know when we play

jbiz3202789d ago

first review was a 9..

STK0262789d ago

I think the reason you don't hear a whole lot from gamers is because it's a new IP from a studio which has yet to prove itself, and coming from a publisher with a so so history.
I think it will be a great game, but it's hard to know for sure without a demo. Anyway, the graphics seem nice enough, the story, while not as groundbreaking as THQ would like us to believe, seems better than the average game (reminds me of Freedom Fighters), and while Frontlines had its issues, I think Homefront's multiplayer could end up being pretty good.

Xfanboy2789d ago

tell my about it in ny a small slice of pizza is like $4,$5!!!