New Homefront Multiplayer Carnage Trailer

THQ and Kaos Studio's earlier released a new gameplay trailer for Homefront depicting new Multiplayer gameplay.

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ALFighter272882d ago

I like. The combat kind of worries me though. Seems like there is a lot going on, so there may be some balancing problems with the "Killstreaks" kind of like what Modern Warfare 2 had.

Lets hope for the best!

Drjft2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Yeah I've played it at a preview and it's pretty full on at times but definitely not over the top.

ASSASSYN 36o2882d ago

"A lot going on." lol it's a war game, no shit there is a lot going on.

ALFighter272882d ago

True, but I want "a lot" too be a good thing, as opposed to game-breaking

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SolidDuck2882d ago

Just picked up KZ3 and it is amazing, but I think I'll pick this up to. It has some good ideas and looks fun. I think I'll enjoy both.

Drjft2882d ago

Having played both I can definitely say they both have appealing points to them :)

GrumpyVeteran2882d ago

Kind of actually looks like fun.

Ravenor2882d ago

I've already traded in my copy of Killzone 3 for the PC version of Homefront. I've got a long list of complaints when it comes to Killzone3 so the trade in for me is warranted, Killzone 3 just didn't nail that "big battle" feel I had hoped for, large scale doesn't necessarily mean a big robot that just stomps around.

Parts of that trailer make me nervous, primarily the gun play but if it even comes close to that battlefield flavor I am craving, I will be pleased.

ASSASSYN 36o2882d ago

Don't be nervous... the bullets are fake, the fun will be real.