Bright Hub's Yakuza 4 Preview: Five Improvements from Its Predecessors

Bright Hub: In order for most video game franchises to say fresh, the latest installment will have to add something unique to the tried-and-true formula. Yakuza 4 is the newest entry into the underrated series. Here are five improvements the upcoming Playstation 3 sequel makes upon its predecessors.

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christheredhead2876d ago

im extremely happy that sega didn't cut any content besides the japanese questionnaire game. they changed the intro song due to licensing issues but thats not a big deal. they really stayed true to their word this time around and for that they have can have my pre order money.

limewax2876d ago

Im semi-interested, Sorry to any fans, I have never played a yakuza game before, and am trying to find the reasons I need to try this game, Im waiting for some more gameplay videos I think as the combat worries me a little.

Any fans give some insight to the combat?

christheredhead2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

the combat is pretty good. its got a light rpg element to it where you gain points the more you fight and your able to spend those across different areas and in tern youll gain a set of moves like grapple, finishers, etc. plus when youre fighting youre able to grab weapons from the environment like bikes and trash cans and things like that also have their own moves and finishers. its a very fun system. so you start off semi weak with only a few moves and by the end youre a full martial arts master haha.

yet if youve never played a yakuza game the combat is only a very very small portion of the game. it revolves around quite about of fighting but there is so much more to game in terms of scope.

youve got side missions, mini games (pool, golf, darts, arcade games etc), dates with girls, places to eat, bars, gambling, unlockables, clubs, weapon and item creation and a great story. im sure there are a few things i missed but you should really give it a try. you can lost in the insane amount of things to do. you can do whatever you want instead of just having to stick to the story in a linear fashion.

limewax2876d ago

Sounds like my sort of thing actually, love seeing RPG elements pulled into other genres and the amount of content on display sounds really good. Big fan of japanese developers as well so this is one I think im going to be keeping my eye on up to the release now

christheredhead2876d ago

you really cant go wrong with yakuza. yakuza 4 has WAY more content than 3 and 3 was packed with tons of things to do. i seriously spent days just playing mini games as they are quite good. its not something youll play for 5 seconds and get tired off. the mini games are actually well built and fun which makes them enjoyable. so im sure you would at least find one thing in the game you like.

limewax2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Thanks for the info man, Bubbles+ for it. Really sounds like the sort of thing I would be able to get into and with mini games my partner might find something she likes in there to which is always a bonus. Remember hearing a lot about cut content in 3 so it seems 4 would be a good time to join it. I need a new game to get into anyway as Demons Souls is slowly driving me insane lol

@Rob946, thanks, will go check that out now

Simon_Brezhnev2876d ago

Chris is Yakuza 4 story better than 3? Yakuza 3 story was the worst in the series.

christheredhead2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )


i actually liked the story in 3 but it lacked direction somewhat. like it didnt have those great plot twists or crucial defining moments that sucked you in but it was super enjoyable. but to be honest i dont know much about the story in 4. we get to play as 4 characters this time around so it seems like the story will be very good. we'll get to see many different perspectives and sub stories of all the characters which will be a blast to play. it should be interesting to see how its all laid out and paced between each one.

Rob9462876d ago

If u want gameplay look up Tokyodomesf4 on Youtube he did a complete japanese walkthroughs so he has the entire game on youtube but its all in japanese but u will at least get to see gameplay anyway

Redempteur2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Y4 has boxcelios 2 ?
dammit that was a time sinker that mini game...( in more ways than one )