A great game you can only download from Japan: Chocobo Racing | Digitally Downloaded

One of the best things about the PlayStation 3 is that it’s region free – that is, as long as you have a local credit card or PlayStation Network card, you can buy, download and play a game from any region in the world.

The Japanese PSN is filled with brilliant games – both new and old, that you can't get on the English-language services (yet, anyway). Chocobo Racing on the Japanese PSOne classics is one example of this.

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sashimi2786d ago

Heh i would so buy this. My original is so messed up that i wonder if it still works. Also don't know where it is lol

BiggCMan2786d ago

I have mine in near perfect condition, I shit you not XD. I'm just like that with all of my games. But this game is really, really awesome. I remember playing this a hell of a lot years and years ago. I remember all the bosses like the Behemoth, and the blue dragon I can't remember the name of.

sashimi2786d ago

I got mine when i was like 10 and during that time barely any of my Psx games survived X_X

Secret driver Squall! i loved beating my times over and over so i could get even better stats for my custom driver.

FACTUAL evidence2786d ago

Omg! I loved this game! Bahamut was a b*tch in this game when he always collected 3 ultimas! XD, i never forget unlocking squall though.

anasurimbor2786d ago

I loved this game as a kid, I used to play it ALL the time.

The article title is misleading though, this was released in the US. Cheaper to get it off PSN though.

Sizzon2786d ago

Bring this to the European store Square! please, loved it back in the days.