Five Games That Will Be Better On The PC

The current generation of consoles is aging if you like it or not. This year we will see a lot of multiplatform games for the PS3, Xbox360 and PC and guess which one of these three platforms will out do the rest… the PC. Watch the clip to find out why.

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Sanii2882d ago

It's not dead yet. It's just becoming less popular than consoles. Bf3 should remedy that though.

evrfighter2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

is he purposefully making his voice sound like that?

if not that is one brave dude.

I agree good for him

I seriously wanted to listen to this as I'm a pc gamer but I had to close the page about 2 minutes in. I know this makes me a grade A douche btw.

I take that back actually. Going off the first comment. I realize this fool is trolling for hits or internet exposure

Thrillhouse2882d ago

Some people just don't give a shit what others think of them.

Good for him.

Fred-G-Sanford2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Once you start seeing (and playing) your favorite games on a high end PC it's very difficult to go back to playing them on consoles.

I speak from experience.

My PC hooked into my home theater setup absolutely crushes anything running on consoles, and could crush even harder if devs didn't have to "dumb down" games because of the PS3 and 360 (just have a look at the first Crysis for proof of that).

I look forward to the day that games take full advantage of modern day GPU's.

That will be one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. lol

Christopher2882d ago

***if not that is one brave dude.***

Some guys, myself even, have a voice that sounds like Mickey Mouse when recorded. Nothing we can do about it, so screw it and move on.

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TheIneffableBob2882d ago

Technniicalllyyy, the PC games market is the largest in the world. It doesn't get as many AAA games, but it has the largest number of players. A shit ton of people play those free MMOs and RPGs and shooters such as Maplestory and Soldier Front. Wizet, the developers of Maplestory, have made hundreds of millions of dollars and have 100 million subscribers from Maplestory alone, and this is as of 2009.

HarryMonogenis2882d ago

"gamersheep" is obviously the owner of this small-time blog and decided to post a flamebait comment in order to get the degrees of this article high.

Darnokg2882d ago

Yup GamerSheep is the owner of the blog , but no he's not flambaiting, he just really hates PC gaming

Solid_Snake-2882d ago


and the guy sounds like the pedo from family guy.

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Urmomlol2882d ago

Right, because the PC is the platform of choice these days and has a history of being the superior version as of late?

What website did this crap article come from? Gamersheep? Yup, never reading anything from this site ever again.

Sanii2882d ago

N4G, please bring back the open zone..

Darnokg2882d ago

Good one less troll to deal with.

Urmomlol2882d ago

And your ability to take criticism is almost admirable. Seriously, what are you? 12 years old? Grow the hell up and realize that your writing isn't half as good as you undoubtedly think it is.

louievillalobos2882d ago

He sounds like a scared little boy.

trounbyfire2882d ago

LOL i thought a girl was outside my door, i muted my tv and was like its him...

hay2882d ago

I personally know a guy who sounds like a crossover between this guy and this:

Darnokg2882d ago

I think I should call Disney and ask them for a voice over job, been getting the Mickey Mouse comment for a couple of years now :)

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chak_2882d ago


All multiplat games are better on PC, you get what you pay for.

NBA 2K, full AA, 1080p, 200 FPS is something console just can't imagine. it's not trolling or anything, just a fact.

same goes for every multiplateform game.

Too_many_games2882d ago

200 anyone can tell the difference between 60fps and 200fps...

TheIneffableBob2882d ago

People can tell the difference, but most displays only do 60 Hz so anything above 60 FPS is wasted.

chak_2882d ago

Yeah, I lock it with Vsync anyway, it was just a matter of numbers.

30 ... 200.

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