Remedy: Alan Wake PC cancellation wasn't our call

Nordic studio Remedy has told CVG that it didn't make the decision to cancel Alan Wake on PC.

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stonecold32788d ago

i didnt know alan wake was going to be coming to the ps3 but i knew about the pc version i guess remedy lost a huge chunk of $ by sticking to one console it would had been better if it had realeased on ps3 and pc because it would have sold more shame remedy and m$ i would have brought it either the ps3 or even pc version peace out ?

gamingdroid2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Well, it might have also meant that Remedy had to get funding elsewhere if it was to be multiplatform.

Resources and funding doesn't fall from the sky....

tony67672788d ago ShowReplies(1)
creamsoda2788d ago

Ah well it's not like Alan Wake was a great game anyway it was mediocre at best.

kaveti66162788d ago

I know. repetitive gameplay mechanics + Stephen King type story.

Now, King has written some really classic stuff, like shawshank redemption, the green mile, the shining, but his recent work is pretty shit, and Alan Wake is kind of like that.

PandaJenkins2788d ago

You mean Amazing narrative + fantastic atmosphere + a fresh take on a third person shooter. Easily one of the best games I played last year. Story alone is enough of a reason to love it.

gamingdroid2788d ago

I really loved the game and the Limited Edition had this fantastic in-game documentary that while you play the developer would pop up in a small video and talk about the scene.

That alone made it the best LE/CE I have ever bought!

kaveti66162788d ago

It is in no way a fresh take on the genre.

The gameplay mechanics are so limited. The enemy types aren't scary at all. You know exactly where they are and how many of them them there are before any conflict ensues.

It's BS. Collecting manuscript papers to piece together a story is not a fresh take. It's a common way of driving the plot, and is one of the cheapest ways to do it, next to cutscenes.

The lip synching was so off, I couldn't believe they didn't fix that issue before it went gold.

The story ends pretty predictably, the environments became repetitive and the atmosphere lacked consequence.

At no time during this game did I feel horrified or scared.

I'm easily scared by games like Dead Space or Resident Evil 2 or Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, etc.

Alan Wake is an unremarkable title surrounded with years of hype and controversy because of the development hell.

Wolf8732788d ago

Why not just release the PC version? They have the build.

Derekvinyard132788d ago

COME ON! let the hardware do the talking, dont let the games suffer. this is so stupid now look they lost so much money and fanbase because of this

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